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    [a is for...]
    abba who were named from the initials of the band's members - agnetha faltskog, bjorn ulvaeus, benny andersson and anni-frid lyngstad. abba is also the name of a major swedish fish cannery.

    [b is for...]
    bjorn again who are the best known of the abba tribute bands. it is estimated that there are always at least 100 such outfits playing around the world at any one time - more than for any other group. five-piece chart-toppers steps were described by their manager pete waterman as "abba on speed."

    [c is for...]
    chess the musical which featured tunes by bjorn and benny with lyrics by tim rice. the show included the 1985 no1 know him so well, sung by elaine paige and barbara dickson.

    [d is for...]
    divorce which stalked abba. agnetha and bjorn's marriage ended in 1979. anni-frid and benny divorced ywo years later.

    [e is for...]
    eurovision which made abba. they won the 18th song contest in 1974, held at brighton. it was the first victory by a scandinavian act. also-rans included olivia newton-john, who sang long live love for the uk.

    [f is for...]
    fernando and dancing queen which were abba's longest-lasting singles in the uk charts, each spending 15 weeks there in 1976.

    [g is for...]
    green, green grass of home, tom jones's 1966 uk and us no.1, which was recorded with swedish lyrics by bjorn when he was a member of the pre-abba hootenanny singers.

    [h is for...]
    head over heels, which peaked at no.25 in 1982 and broke a run of 18 singles that got into the top seven.

    [i is for...]
    i do, i do, i do, i do, i do, which was abba's least successful single. it peaked at no.38 in the uk charts and stayed in the charts for only six weeks.

    [j is for...]
    jesus christ superstar. agnetha played mary magdalene in the controversial musical in the seventies.

    [k is for...]
    knowing me, knowing you which was chosen by comic steve googan as his title of his spoof alan partridge chat show which switched to tv in 1995 three years after its debut on bbc's radio 4.

    [l is for...]
    lasse hallstrom who directed the 1977 documentary abba: the movie and the 2002 video abba: the definitive collection.

    [m is for...]
    mamma mia! the musical based on abba, which premiered at london's prince edward theatre on april 6, 1999. it has 22 abba songs and has been seen worldwide by more than 10million people. every london performance has sold out with takings exceeding £60million ($110million). tickets are already being sold for performances next year. abba hits also featured in two 1994 australian movies, the romantic comedy muriel's wedding, starring toni collette, bill hunter and rachel griffiths, and the transvestite road movie the adventures of priscilla, queen of the desert.

    [n is for...]
    no1s. abba had nine british chart-topping singles from 1974 to 1980: waterloo / mamma mia / fernando / dancing queen / knowing me, knowing you / the name of the game / take a chance on me / the winner takes it all / super trouper.

    [o is for...]
    oil. at the height of abba frenzy in the late seventies, sales in communist eastern europe were so high the group had to accept payments in oil because countries such as poland were running out of foreign exchange.

    [p is for...]
    princess and countess are titles anni-frid could use after her 1992 marriage to german prince ruzzo reuss von plauen making her anni-frid prinzessin reuss grafin von plauen they lived in his swiss castle until ruzzo died of cancer in 1999.

    [q is for...]
    queen. dancing queen is abba's only us no1. the band have many gay fans.

    [r is for...]
    record sales. more than 3,300 abba cds are sold every day. they have sold around 400illion cds and records in the 30 years since waterloo. abba were such a hit in sweden that a special rule was brought in restricting each release to ten weeks at no1. all four band members are millionaires many times over.

    [s is for...]
    split. abba broke up in 1982, three years after being named by guiness world records as the best-selling band of all time.

    [t is for...]
    tyskbarn - "german child" - which was the nickname given to anni-frid as a youngster in her native norway because she was the love-child of a german army officer. she was sent to sweden to live with her granny to escape the disgrace.

    [u is for...]
    uncool. it's hard to believe now but abba were the ultimate in kitsch in the seventies because they were unfairly seen as a band put together just for the naff eurovision.

    [v is for...]
    votes. abba's ring ring was passed over by a panel of experts picking sweden's entry for the 1973 eurovision. an outcry forced a change to public voting. abba won the following year with waterloo, which they took to the final in brighton. volvo was the only swedish export to outsell abba in the late seventies.

    [w is for...]
    waterloo, which started it all in 1974, and is the only abba hit not included in the musical mamma mia! although it is usually played as an encore.

    [x is for...]
    xylophones which are played in the introduction to the song mamma mia.

    [y is for...]
    yodelling which featured heavily on abba's first ever record, people need love, which was a minor hit in germany and holland in 1972.

    [z is for...]
    zodiac. agnetha always reads her horoscope. spiritual guru deepak chopra, author of the spontaneous fulfillment of desire and golf for enlightenment, has told agnetha her inability to commit to men is because her star sign is aries.

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