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        What is it?

      • Abstract Expressionism   A combination of abstract art and Expressionism which amounts to little more than automatic painting i.e. allowing the subconscious to express itself (a Surrealist idea) by the creation of involuntary shapes and dribbles of paint. Abstract Impressionism which appears to be another name for the same thing - is supposed to derive from the intricate mesh of paint which forms the surface of Monet's last pictures, as, half-blind, he struggled to find pictorial equivalents for his optical sensations. Abstract Impressionism has been defined (by E. De Kooning, 1956) thus: 'Retaining the quiet uniform pattern of strokes that spread over the canvas without climax or emphasis, these followers keep the Impressionist manner of looking at a scene but leave out the scene.' action painting; Tachisme.

      • Source: The Penguin Dictionary of Art and Artists (Penguin Reference Books)

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