After Henry

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        The Complete Series 3
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        • Catalogue Number: 7953038
        • Classification: TBC
        • Picture: 1.33:1 / Colour
        • Subtitles: None
        • Time: 325 mins approx

        • Barcode: 5027626303846
        • Number of Discs: 2
        • Sound: Mono / English
        • Region: 2 / PAL (UK & Europe)

      • BAFTA-nominated comedy After Henry follows the comfortable middle-class lives of three women – except that, for one of them, life isn’t all that comfortable... Sarah has been left well provided for by her late husband but, unfortunately, she has also been left with a demanding mother and a prickly adolescent daughter who craves independence – just as long as mother is there to clear up the mess...

        Starring Prunella Scales (Fawlty Towers) as put-upon Sarah and Joan Sanderson (Please Sir!) as Eleanor, her interfering, waspish mother, After Henry is written by multiple BAFTA nominee Simon Brett (Rosemary & Thyme) and directed by sit-com legend Peter Frazer-Jones (Man About the House, George and Mildred).

        Christmas Special: A Week of Sundays
        Christmas at home will never be the same without Henry, so Sarah, Eleanor and Clare decide to accept all the invitations they’re offered. Anything to get out of the house…

        Mr. Right
        Clare’s love life has been rocky in the past, but at last she has a boyfriend who seems perfect in every way. But is he too perfect for Sarah?

        Sarah knows her mother answers the phone for her, and also suspects Eleanor reads her mail. Russell decides to catch her out…

        Home Comforts
        For years, Eleanor has said that everyone would be happier if she moved into a home, and now, finally, she goes with Vera Poling to investigate the delights of ‘The Sycamores’…

        Relative Movement
        With Clare working away from home, Sarah considers lett ing her fl at. Needless to say, Eleanor has very strong ideas on tenants.

        The Dinner Party
        Sarah asks some friends round for dinner, but finds that Clare is giving a party on the same day.

        Mr. Fixit
        When Clare buys a car, it seems very convenient that she then meets a boy who enjoys repairing cars. But where do his interests really lie?

        Sarah, Eleanor and Clare get involved in fundraising for the local hospital, but Sarah sees a way to use this to achieve a nice quiet evening in.

        The Mysterious Affair at Bygone Books
        Eleanor has been reading Agatha Christie and, when a crime occurs at the shop, she’s sure she will be at least equal to Poirot in solving it.

        Party Politics
        Eleanor is determined to throw a party and thinks it’ll be easy to keep it secret from Sarah.

        Unforeseen Circumstances
        Sarah meets a man who uses astrology in his chat-up routine, and then finds that predictions have a nasty habit of coming true…

        Family Album
        Eleanor has always presented her own version of her past, but will the truth emerge with a visit from cousin Lillian, who knew her as a child?

        Last Chances
        Sarah is offered a chance to change her life completely – but can she take it?


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