1982                  Murder mystery

       US      Colour      95mins   

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      • Bill Bixby Luke Williams
      • Lesley-Anne Down Bridget Conway
      • Olivia de Havilland Honoria Waynflete
      • Helen Hayes Lavinia Fullerton
      • Patrick Allen Major Horton
      • Shane Briant Dr Thomas
      • Freddie Jones Constable Reed
      • Leigh Lawson Jimmy Lorrimer
      • Jonathan Pryce Mr Ellsworthy


    • Dir:
        Claude Whatham
    • Scr:
        Carmen Culver, from the novel Easy to Kill by Agatha Christie


         murder is easy

    [ m u r d e r  i s  e a s y : m o v i e  r e v i e w ]


    Rated: NR

      What you get is precisely what you see - there are no hidden depths to plummet here in this conveyor-belt made-for-TV movie.

      Bill Bixby is a computer expert who finds himself caught up in murderous events beyond his ken, while there's a solid supporting cast, plus Lesley-Anne Down as co-star.

      Easy, undemanding entertainment.

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