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20.06.2004: new single: uk chart position

The new cd single, When You Walk Into The Room, has entered the UK charts at no. 34.

Cd1 (uk)
Cd2 (uk)

Source: BBC Radio 1

08.06.2004: agnetha documentary - tv special

Agnetha, the TV documentary, has been aired on Finnish TV as well as in Sweden and Germany.

In it, Agnetha reveals:

She didn't listen to Abba's music for up to 10 years after they split because she was "tired".

If she could have been anyone in abba it would have been Frida because of her "strength on stage".

She is not the Garbo the media want her to be.

She was frightened her voice wasn't there when embarking on the comeback.

08.06.2004: abba star receives death threat

Reclusive Abba star Agnetha Faltskog has been put under 24-hour guard after receiving a death threat.

Swedish police flew bodyguards to the singer's remote island home near Stockholm after she was sent a letter.

The singer's manager Staffan Linde said: "Agnetha receives many letters every day but this one was different and serious."

Faltskog, who has been plagued by stalkers and is terrified of making public appearances, already has a live-in security team at her home, reports The Sun.

The death threat is the latest in a bad run of events for the star.

in 2000 she had former lover Gert van der Graaf banned from going near her after they broke up and he started stalking her. And last month her home was struck by lightening.

Source: The Sun

04.06.2004: each day i look for love

RECLUSIVE Abba star Agnetha Faltskog has broken a 17-year silence – to reveal she spends every day fighting back tears over her unsuccessful search for true love.

The Swedish singer, 54, says in a world exclusive interview: "My tears are never far away. I'm a very sensitive person.

"People who find true love and keep it are very lucky.

"But it's fine to yearn for true love. I still yearn."

The sentiments, which come in a whisper, seem odd from the still-beautiful blonde who had millions of male admirers at the height of Abba's fame in the Seventies.

Agnetha was married to bandmate Bjorn Ulvaeus for ten years until 1981.

In 1990 she wed surgeon Tomas Sonnenfeld - a relationship which lasted just three years.

Then she began an affair with forklift driver Gert van der Graaf, an obsessed Dutch fan 16 years her junior.

He turned into a stalker when their affair broke up.

In 2000 he was arrested and banned from going near her.

But recently Gert was spotted near her property.

Swedish newspapers said Agnetha responded by locking herself in her home and calling on police to guard her round-the-clock.

She cancelled all promotion for her new solo album.

Yet Agnetha has lived on her private island of Ekero, near Stockholm, and shunned the world since the Eighties when Abba broke up and she fell out of the public eye.

She only agreed to talk to The Sun - her first interview for 20 years - following weeks of delicate negotiations.

But Agnetha, who lives alone, insists she is NOT a hermit.

She was criticised in April when she did not turn up to a party to celebrate five years of Abba musical Mamma Mia in London.

Former bandmates Bjorn, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad were all at the bash.

This year also marks the 30th anniversary of their Eurovision success with Waterloo that launched their career.

Agnetha says: "There was a period after Abba that was too much to take.

"There were too many things running around in my head. So maybe the rumours about my hiding started there.

"But I'm not a total recluse as everybody says. They write that I'm hiding on an island and I don't show up at things.

"But that's not the way it is. It's my normal way of living.

"I'm trying to get some peace and to do other things.

"I need a lot of peace. I can't have too much noise. I have to take things carefully.

"I want to travel. But I just don't like it - especially flying. I have too much respect for what could happen.

"It's unbelievable that airplanes stay in the sky. How does that happen? They are so heavy. There are so many screws.

"I worry whenever a member of my family gets on a plane. I worry whether it will be all right. I don't travel.

"And I was in the middle of recording my new album when the Mamma Mia party happened so I had no choice.

"I really wanted to go. If it's closer next time I will appear. It's unfair what people say.

"It's much easier for the other three to travel. I just don't like flying."

Abba dominated the charts throughout the Seventies and into the Eighties.

They sold more than 350million records, getting nine No1s with songs including Dancing Queen, Take A Chance On Me and The Winner Takes It All.

It turned Agnetha into the ultimate Swedish sex symbol and a multi-millionairess.

When the band split in 1982 Agnetha made two solo albums but turned her back on music five years later.

And despite reports of a rift with her old colleagues, Agnetha insists she is still close to Bjorn for the sake of their daughter Linda and son Christian.

And she is keen to meet up with the others later this year.

She says: "We do speak - it happens. Just not very often. Whenever I don't turn up at an Abba event people assume we don't speak.

"They draw all kinds of conclusions. But I talk to Bjorn all the time. We have two children together."

Agnetha has emerged to promote her new solo album, My Colouring Book.

It is a collection of sad Sixties ballads which she's been quietly working on for five years.

The first single, a version of Cilla Black's If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind, got to No 11 last month.

The second single, When You Walk In The Room, is out a week on Monday.

Despite her reluctance to step out in public or get too close to admirers, it was fan mail which inspired Agnetha to record again.

She says: "I got lots of letters from people saying they really missed my voice.

"And reading all that kindness really affected me."

So Agnetha turned to the music of her teenage years in the Sixties for inspiration.

Listening to tracks by Petula Clark, Dusty Springfield and Doris Day rekindled her love of music and gradually got her in the mood to sing again.

She says: "It was a nostalgia trip. I started to feel again what I went through in that period of my life. I love the sad songs. When I was a teenager I would really cry along with them.

"These songs and artists affected me so deeply.

"When I started listening again I felt it in my whole body."

Gradually the idea for her new album emerged.

She says: "I went into a shop that had a lot of these old records and I picked dozens of albums. I had a wonderful time. That was four years ago."

Agnetha had barely sung a note for nearly 20 years.

She explains: "Like everyone I might sing a bit in the shower. But that was it. It took a while to loosen the voice up again.

"Then suddenly something happened and it came back."

Although Agnetha does write her own songs there was never any question of recording them - she is too much of a perfectionist to ever let anyone hear them.

She says: "I do have the ability to write music and words if I really concentrate.

"And I do have songs I've written but I always end up throwing them out because I think they're not good enough."

Later this year Agnetha is hoping to meet up with the rest of Abba at a Swedish premiere for Mamma Mia.

And she did not completely rule out a full-blown reunion.

She says: "We don't have any plans to work together again.

"But you never know what comes up."

Source: Sean Hamilton, The Sun

28.05.2004: when you walk into the room - 2nd single to be released

This has a uk release date of 14th june. Swedish remixer Soundfactory (Emil Hellman) did the remixes, the results of which are spread over CD1 & CD2 (Enhanced Video) single releases


28.05.2004: agnetha - breaking the silence

Since Agnetha gave her first brief interview April 8 with Kristian Luuk on his TV show Sen Kväll Med Luuk (Late Night with Luuk), the media and fans alike have been holding their breath for more.

At last, the long wait is over!

Agnetha speaks out!

As the second single When You Walk in the Room is playing in dance clubs and being readied to ship to radio and record stores in June, Agnetha tells all in her new documentary television special!

It is called Agnetha. and, other than the release of her album My Colouring Book, it is undoubtedly the most exciting thing to happen to Agnetha and Abba fans all around the world since the demise of Abba.

Agnetha has produced the show with director Magnus Tear and creative director Ola Johansson. An honest and revealing interview with Lotta Bromé is in English and Swedish. You will also see parts of the videos for songs from My Colouring Book, rare footage of Agnetha in her 60s solo career and from her days with Abba.

Complete details:

  • Germany: Channel Sat 1, Monday May 31st, 18:30 (repeated: midnight June 5th)
  • Finland: TV2, Thursday, June 3rd, 18:35
  • Sweden: SVT1, Friday, June 4th, 20:00

    Print interviews!

    In a surprise move, agnetha gave phone interviews this week to select journalists and newspapers around the world. Look out for stories soon in the UK, Germany, Finland and Australia.

    Forthcoming print interviews are:

  • Germany: Welt am Sonntag on Sunday by Miss Vawinkel
  • Finland: Helsingin Sanomat by Vesa Siren
  • United Kingdom: The Sun by Sean Hamilton
  • Australia: Herald Sun, Melbourne; Daily Telegraph, Sydney; Courier Mail, Brisbane; The Advertiser, Adelaide


    12.05.2004: agnetha - my colouring book album worldwide chart positions


    Highest Position:

  • Austria: 25
  • Belgium: 38
  • Finland: 4
  • Germany: 6
  • Ireland: 57
  • Netherlands: 11
  • Norway: 25
  • Sweden: 1
  • Switzerland: 17
  • United Kingdom: 12

    Buy: (uk) | (germany) (us) | (france) (japan) | (us)

    12.05.2004: agnetha - if i thought you'd ever change your mind single worldwide chart positions


    Highest Position:

  • Belgium: 45
  • Netherlands: 31
  • Norway: 28
  • Sweden: 2
  • Switzerland: 75
  • United Kingdom: 11

    Buy: (uk) | (germany) (us) | (france) (us)

    11.05.2004: mamma mia! abba's 466 weeks in the uk charts

    They broke up 21 years ago, but they just won't go away.

    Abba's posthumous staying power is the talk of the uk pop industry this week as their Greatest Hits album celebrates its 466th week in the UK charts.

    Released in 1992, Abba Gold has been in the Top 40 for the equivalent of almost nine years, becoming one of the biggest-sellers of all time.

    Only two albums have stayed longer - Fleetwood Mac's Rumours on 477 weeks and Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell on 474.

    It was exactly 30 years ago that Abba swept to fame by winning the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest with Waterloo. Fittingly Abba Gold (re-released in april 2004 as a 30th anniversary 37 track set limited edition set with bonus dvd) has climbed back into the UK Top 20 to mark the anniversary, reaching number 17 on Sunday.

    The original 19-track compilation, which topped the UK charts in 1999, has sold 3.6 million copies in the UK, making it the fifth biggest-selling album.

    Abba had 23 british hits between 1974 and 1983, including eight number ones, and sold more than 350 million records worldwide, raking in an estimated £300 million.

    While Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson still write together, solo success has eluded their ex-wives Agnetha Faltskog and Frida Lyngstad.

    But with stage musicals and tribute bands still promoting the Abba legend, the Swedish foursome look set for futher chart glory.

    Buy: 30th anniversary ltd edn 2 cd set + dvd

    Buy: 1992 compilation (uk) | (germany)

    Source: Daily Mail

    03.05.2004: my colouring book chart position

    My Colouring Book has crashed down the uk charts in its 2nd week of release. From a new entry high of 12 it has slipped some 28 places to no. 40.

    It is a shame as it is a great album and deserves better. More uk promotion is vital.

    The single, If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind with all the different mixes, has slid down 9 places from no.22 to no.31 this week

    If you haven't already bought the album then it is highly recommended. You won't be disappointed!


    Source: BBC Radio 1

    27.04.2004: abba's new dvd

    The new dvd, Abba - In Concert [1979] continues to sell well. A truly spectacular release. The dvd is an updated version of a 1980 TV Special for Swedish television. the footage follows Abba around the USA on their tour of the US in September 1979. Some good atmospheric shots, interviews with Bjorn on the road, an insight into the day to day running of the biggest tour of the 1970's. The Dvd then switches to Wembley in november of '79 and the 5 sell out nights Abba performed. Abba were never a good live band, but this dvd sounds incredible. The sound has all been remastered and the negatives cleaned up for Dvd.

    There are bonus tracks, interviews with producers of the shows and people close to Abba at the time. They recount their memories of their time with Abba on tour. A good insight into what happened and a few snippets of current information. Will they reform? Not even a billion dollars as reportedly offered recently will make them reform.

    Extra concert footage includes unseen and renovated The Way Old Friends Do preceded by Agnetha and Bjorn recalling how well this track sounded live. So much so they added it to their 1980 album Super Trouper. A great unseen Thank You for the Music and I Have a Dream, an uninterrupted version in full.

    A great historical record of a great group at the height of its popularity in the 1970s. This Dvd is a must for anyone studying music and of course for anyone who likes Abba.

    Buy: (us)


    26.04.2004: album best deal are still selling Agnetha's new album my clouring book at a reasonable price.

    The 2 part CD single release If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind is worth getting for the mixes and the part 2 release has only been released in the UK. That will become scarce and is worth getting for that reason alone (record companies have a habit of deleting cd single titles from their catalogues within a few months, sometimes weeks of release!). The other reason to buy it: the music is great!


    25.04.2004: uk chart position

    The new album, My Colouring Book has entered the UK charts at no.12. Not bad but not great either. Probaly due to the lack of TV coverage though radio play and press coverage has been encouraging. The rumoured appearance on the highly rated BBC1's Parkinson TV chat show has thus far failed to materialise.

    The highest new album entry was Prince's Musicology at no. 3.

    The 2 part cd single release If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind has slid down the charts from a peak of 11 (first week of release) to 22. In its first week of release it would mean the cd single would have pre-orders of roughly 10,000 units! But those levels would be difficult to sustain partly because interest is rarely sustained and also because the lack of tv promotion thus far in the uk would mean that many people would just not be aware of its release.

    The plain truth is that Agnetha singing one song on a major UK or US TV show from the album would generate far more interest than any other medium. The most popular dj in the UK Terry Wogan has played it on his radio show regularly and that has no doubt had a big impact on sales; a TV appearance would have pushed the album even higher in the charts.

    But the album is still by far head and shoulders above anything else released this year!

    Source: bbc

    24.04.2004: 2nd single

    The track When You Walk in the Room will be the 2nd single from the album and will include a video and remixes


    24.04.2004: TV special

    A TV special/documentary on Agnetha is scheduled to be at the ready by the middle of may. No UK schedule for this is as yet confirmed

    The reviews for both the single and album in the uk press have been good. While no-one is saying the album is earth shattering, no-one is saying it is bad. Newspapers like the Daily Mil have given it 3 stars out of 5 and a few papers have griped about it being made up of covers but no-one is doubting the strength of Agnetha's voice.

    If you're expecting Abba part 2 then this isn't the album for you. Rather, it is Agnetha going back to her roots and inspiration. It is a 60s album with a modern day production gloss.

    A lovely album worth getting but it won't change your life.

    Source: Various

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