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alicia keys

alicia keys

    alicia keys

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    • Aged 14, tidying up her daughter's bedroom one day, Terri Augello, a paralegal and budding actress, found a knife in one of Alicia's drawers. Their apartment was in Hell's Kitchen, a rough part of New York. A working single mother, Augello often had to leave her only child to fend for herself. 'Carrying a blade without proper training', she told her daughter, 'you're only going to hurt yourself - someone's going to turn the knife on you. I'd really like you to live for a long time!'

    • Her two albums to date, Songs in A Minor (2001) and The Diary of Alicia Keys (2003), have sold a staggering 17 million copies combined. (2005)

    • Her debut album scooped five prestigious Grammy Awards, in early 2005 she took home another four.

    • In 2004 she published her first book, Tears For Water, a collection of poems and lyrics. In October 2005 she started work on her first film, Smokin' Aces, a comedy-thriller in which she played an assassin and released Alicia Keys - Unplugged, an album of acoustic songs, including some of her hits.

    • Her next film part will be the lead in a biopic of Philippa Schuyler. A pianist in New York in the Thirties and Forties and, like Keys, mixed-race, Sculyer spent her life fighting segregation, eventually moving to Europe, becoming a journalist and dying in a helicopter accident in Vietnam in 1967. The film is being produced by Halle Berry, who sought out Keys for the role.

    • Keys commits a sizeable chunk of time and thought to charity work. Teens in Motion is a Bronx-based youth group for underprivileged children; it receives a percentage of every concert ticket Keys sells anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, Frum Tha Ground Up is an organisation that goes into schools and gives 'motivational' talks to teenagers. Keys herself has been to five schools to present talks, and she helped organise an online celebrity charity. Donations from Keys, Halle Berry and others helped raise over $60,000 for the organisation.

    alicia keys

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alicia keys alicia keys alicia keys
alicia keys alicia keys alicia keys

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