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Andy Warhol signed items, ltd edn prints and more @ (direct link to signed items) - just checked and a bigger selection than I have seen everywhere else - imagine having something the great man touched!

"A big rock star might sell millions and millions of records, but then if he makes a bad movie, and when the word gets around that it's bad, forget it." ANDY WARHOL

This came out in 1975, part of a portfolio of 10 silkscreen prints, sized: 111 x 73 cm. 250 copy edition numbered and signed in felt pen.

Publisher: Seabird Holding Ltd.

Quote & Text Source Above:
Andy Warhol Commerce Into Art Hardcover Book (1990) (direct link to book @

More on this book can be found here.

On a personal note, I've seen the 2 prints above as part of those 10 silkscreens but not the same colouring, certainly on the 2nd one.

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