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The cult of celebrity is fascinating in Warhol's work. His idea - which never came to fruition - of selling film stars' underwear washed at $5, unwashed more expensively, takes that cult to a new height.

But there's a gentleness to his celebrity work that is a counterpoint to the wild and wonderful ideas that must have raced across his genius of a mind; there's a reverence to his subject matter. I think that's because the celebrities he portrayed were true icons of the 20th century - they did something that meant something to many people. Moreover, they were the first generation of celebrities to come into so many homes courtesy of that little box in the living room: the TV.

It wouldn't be the same today because there isn't that bigness of celebrity. Warhol and the famous 15 minute quote answers the reason for that.

Text Source for underwear & Above:
Andy Warhol Commerce Into Art Hardcover Book (1990) (direct link to book @

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