Andy Warhol
andy warhol
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(Andy Warhol, Philip Fagan and Gerard Malanga)

Andy Warhol

2 (of 5) unique gelatin silver prints on photobooth paper, mounted
Silkscreen inks on paper
8 x 8in. (approx)

Executed in 1964

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Mostly, these photostrips were given as gifts to family, sweethearts or friends. Or simply stored away and forgotten. Dropping the quarter into the slot was akin to pressing the shutter - button. You became your own instant self - portrait. There was no way speedier to see what you looked like.

So on a cold winter night sometime in January 1965, Andy and his boyfriend Philip Fagan and I, like millions before us, did the same. As I recall we huddled together in the cramped space of a booth in an Amusement Arcade called "Playland" in the Times Square area, and through a series of choreographed juxtapositions the "Holy Grail" of all photobooth pictures was instantly realized. It was the most Andy had contrived for any one sitting since Ethel Scull a year - and - - a - half earlier entered a photobooth at his behest, resulting in her silkscreen portrait transformed from the original photostrip maquette. No such luck befell us from our sitting.

An assortment of these photostrips would languish for many years in a shoebox buried among Andy's abounding possessions. Among them, the "Holy Grail" photostrips which marked the beginning of a modest output and included assemblage portraits of Ingrid Superstar and later, International Velvet and me. What were we thinking during those few seconds the crackling flash flashed I haven't the faintest. Yet my friendship with Andy remains forever fused in the romance of the black & white photobooth where people never stop kissing. What few, if any, survive?

Text Source: Extract from The "Holy Grail" of photobooth pictures by Gerald Malanga, Christie's London Property from an Important Private Collection, Thursday 27 June 2002.

Further Reading: Archiving Warhol: Writings & Photographs by Gerard Malanga


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