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        Hampton Court - London Oil Artwork by John Fougler, 1999
        (RA Exhibited Sussex Artist)
        O R I G I N A L  A R T W O R K

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        Hampton Court - London Oil Artwork by John Fougler, 1999 RA Exhibited Sussex Artist

        Hampton Court - London
        Oil, 1999

      • Medium: Oil
      • Image Size: 10" x 8"
      • Origin: England
      • Age: 1999
      • Signed/Unsigned: Signed
      • Subject: Landscape - Hampton Court
      • Condition: Pristine

        Signed lower left.

        John Foulger was an established landscape and seascape painter, specialising in oils and acrylics. Before becoming a professional artist he was employed by a firm of art dealers in London.

        Exhibitor at the Royal Society of British Artists; Royal Society of Marine Artists: New English Arts Club; National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers; United Society of Artists. Works also shown at Syon House; The Mall Galleries, London; Brighton Museum and Art Gallery; Towner Art Gallery; Eastbourne; Dedham Centre. Retrospective Exhibition Littlehampton Museum, 1984, shown on television. Member of the Federation of British Artists. Elected Associate of the Moseley Arts Society and member of several other art societies in Surrey and Sussex.

        His paintings are now to be found in galleries and private collections in London, Vienna, The Hague, Montreal, California, New Orleans and elsewhere in Europe and America and in Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

        The artist was presented to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother at the presentation of one of his paintings in 1975. Middleton exhibition opened by Lor Chalfron in 1991. One of his equestrian pictures was presented as a trophy for the inaugural running of the Persian War Hurdle, an important race run at Chepstow in 1979 to commemorate the great triple-champion hurdler Persian War. A picture of Persian War in retirement was later auctioned for the injured jockey's fund. Another painting of racing at Chepstow was the trophy for the St. Patrick's chase run in 1980.

        The artist lived in Middleton-on-Sea, Sussex and died in 2006.

        Foulger Story By Sherwood Fine Arts

        Following the death of John Foulger in 2007, his cottage and studio collection were left to charity. I was fortunate enough to acquire quite a large number of his paintings at auction and subsequently discovered that the rest were scattered throughout England and Scotland. Hunting them down necessitated my travelling considerably to build up the collection that I hold today.

        To my mind John Foulger was a wonderful, talented artist, much underestimated in his lifetime and still very much "under the radar" in the art world in general. It is said that he was better known for his horse-racing paintings but his landscapes are perhaps even more impressive. Other people obviously think so too, as they do come back for more! One of my American clients told me that they were paying over 200 in the 80s.

        Foulger was six foot five inches tall. I don't know why, but i find that strange and somehow incongruous in context. He was apparently somewhat reclusive, and depressive. Another of my clients suggested that the latter could be explained by his dreadful luck with the weather, as it seemed to snow about half the time he went out to paint! The depression could, however, explain to some degree, his preference for the dark palette, and the number of nocturnal paintings. Brilliant technique and effects nevertheless.

        My collection is limited. I am not a greedy man, but I have come to love this gentleman and would like, almost for his sake, to see his paintings properly recognised. This is happening slowly and at a recent auction in Norfolk (2008) a John Foulger was sold for over 500 including commission, pity perhaps that he didn't live to see it.

        Thank you for reading this, and for considering John Foulger's work.

        © Sherwood Fine Arts (2008)


        Hampton Court - London Oil Artwork by John Fougler, 1999 RA Exhibited Sussex Artist Hampton Court - London Oil Artwork by John Fougler, 1999 RA Exhibited Sussex Artist Hampton Court - London Oil Artwork by John Fougler, 1999 RA Exhibited Sussex Artist Hampton Court - London Oil Artwork by John Fougler, 1999 RA Exhibited Sussex Artist

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