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    A r t h u r  D e l a n e y
    (1927 - 1987)

    Arthur Delaney (1927 - 1987)

    This is the cliched and pretty vacant bio of his life that everyone seems to use and which reveals little of the man other than the key dates in his life and where he came from. The reality of the man is far more interesting and far more complex but I fear revealing it here in case I upset any of his living relatives. Suffice to say that he was someone who had his demons like the rest of us and putting aside his great artistic gift was as flawed as the next man.

    Arthur McEvoy Delaney was born in the All Saints District of Manchester in 1927. He was actually from just off Oxford Road, near to the La Scala picture house. His family background was theatrical, his mother being the dancer Genevieve Delaney. He is alleged to be the illegitimate son of comedian Frank Randle (Arthur McEvoy) (1901-57). In his day he was one of the country's most popular comedians, though his fame has not survived his death.

    At 13 years of age he joined a Textile design studio in Manchester where he worked for the next 32 years. He married his childhood sweetheart and they had four children. He started to paint as a means of relaxation. There were two great influences in his life that were to effect his own development as a painter. One was the work of Mr. Manchester himself, L.S. Lowry and the other the memories of the happy years he spent as a boy in the Manchester of the 1930's with its smoke laden skies, rattling tramcars and gas lamps. In particularly, tramcars came to dominate his work.

    In 1974 he had a very successful one-man show at Tib Lane Gallery in Manchester with all his pictures selling within half an hour at the preview. His paintings continued to sell during his lifetime and he exhibited at the Royal Academy. Many of his works were produced as signed limited edition prints and in 2008 these works are still affordable (£200 - £500) and thus can be collected by many (unlike Lowry whose work is far beyond the kind of people that he painted). As such his work seems to grow more popular by the day.

    Longsight, Manchester, is the place where he threw together his etchings, and that's mostly stayed the same, but is still a very gloomy area.

    Where his father's work is now known to few his is known by generation after generation of collector. For me, he is second only to Lowry in portraying Manchester of that era and in many ways the realism of his work moves me more than the matchstick men that pepper the great man's work.

    [  A r t h u r  D e l a n e y  G a l l e r y  ]

    Arthur Delaney Arthur Delaney - Music Hall, Signed Print Arthur Delaney - St Annes Square - original oil painting
Size 16 x 13 inches
Price £9,000 in 2008 Arthur Delaney - Paints, Wallpaper and Brushes - original oil painting
Size 10 x 11 inches
Price £9,000 in 2008 Arthur Delaney - Old Town Hall
Original Oil
9 x 6.75 inches
Price £8,000 in 2008
    Arthur Delaney - Market Street - original oil painting
Size 13 x 11 inches
Price: £12,000 in 2008 Arthur Delaney - Ancoats, Manchester

Oil on board
10 x 13 ins


Price: £7500.00 in 2008 Arthur Delaney - Manchester Cathedral

Oil on Board
7½ x 9½ ins


Price: £7500.00 in 2008 Arthur Delaney - Piccadilly Manchester towards Newton Street & Station

Oil on Board
10½ x 11½ ins

Signed Arthur Delaney - Tram under a Bridge

Oil on Board
12¼ x 14½ ins


Price: £8500.00 in 2008

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