As Time Goes By

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        Series 1
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        What a wonderful series As Time Goes By. It has a timeless feel to it - it's as if Judi Dench & Geoffrey Palmer played the parts within a year or so and yet it actually ran from 1992 to the reunion specials in 2005. And in this first series the pair do look youngish (just look at the Dvd cover below - Dench certainly looks younger) - you kind of forget that the pair aged over the years with the rest of us.

        For me, the strength of the series is because the supporting cast is so good and that's down to the writing primarily. You just know that if you put Dench and Palmer together then you're going to get top range light romantic comedy. But you actually care about the supporting cast as they are all so likeable.

        It's a genius into how to make light entertainment. Easier said than done. Refreshingly, there is nothing deep about it - it's just a gentle stroll into an English middle class house & garden. Perfect escapism... UK Dvd Gallery added.

        Other personal observations for what they're worth: time does indeed go by. Even old age doesn't last forever. I kind of got a picture of Judi Dench, Geoffrey Palmer et al preserved in Holland Park aspic and yet, like the rest of us, they have got older, moved on. Time past, time spent. Now, in 2014, it's over 20 years since the series started, and nearly 10 years since the 'reunion' specials. It is gone; it is nostalgia now.

        But what's wrong with that? The world we live in, we are all waiting to become part of the past. That is life. The present is just a waiting room for that train hurtling to yesterday. So why not grab something that is gentle and kind and reminds us that somewhere, sometime, these wonderful people existed even though if only on the small screen in the corner of our rooms.

        Oh, and what is it with the over the top Alastair? At first I was irritated by him but then I grew to appreciate him. He is as vital to the series as Dench and Palmer. He's the writer's 'get out' for so many problems that without him life would just be made up of the problems without solutions that are part of real life. He is the persona of kindness and helpfulness and asks for very little in return. If only we could all have an 'Alastair' in our lives then the world would be a better place.

        For me, the weaker parts of the series pertain to the mini-series. It's a flight of fantasy too far. And the reunion specials really could have tied the whole thing up far better if they had intended them to be 'the end'. I suspect they din't as they left everything hanging.

        If there were supposed to be more then why didn't they happen? It's nearly a decade since them now so it's too late, I suspect. Such a shame as if they had done a special even a couple of years ago it could have put the whole thing to bed.

        As Time Goes By 1 Dvd

          Official Release - Single Disc [2007]

        • Running Time: 3 hrs 00
        • Certificate: Parental Guidance
        • Number of Discs: 1
        • Subtitles: Yes (see scans below)
        • Region: 2 (UK & Europe)

          Released in the UK by 2entertain.

          Dame Judi Dench & Geoffrey Palmer
          Produced & directed by: Sydney Lotterby
          ~ PAUL PAGE

        SERIES 1

        In the early 1950s, Jean, a student nurse, and Lionel, a young army officer meet and fall in love. 38 years later, their paths cross again. Older and wiser, nevertheless they discover that though love has a different pace and priorities, the heat of old flames can still be rekindled.

        The course of true love never did run smooth and for Lionel and Jean the road begins pretty bumpily! Could it be Lionel's agent, Alistair, who captures Jeans affections? And might her daughter Judith be the woman for Lionel?

        Contains all six episodes from Series 1.

        5 STARS OUT OF 5

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        Below are scans from the UK. Useful to look at back cover for details such as subtitles and special features sometimes missed in the text above. Click on each for bigger scans.

        Condition: New & sealed.


        D V D

        As Time Goes By 1 Dvd
        Enlarge Image

        As Time Goes By 1 Dvd
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        As Time Goes By 1 Dvd
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