As Time Goes By

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        Series 5-9 Box Set
        D V D

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        Official Release

        Running Time - 15 hrs 51
        Certificate - Parental Guidance
        Number of Discs - 5
        Subtitles - Yes

        Dame Judi Dench, Geoffrey Palmer, Philip Bretherton, Moira Brooker, Jenny Funnell, Frank Middlemass, Jeremy Sinden, Ian Talbot & Angela Scoular
        Sydney Lotterby

        Long ago Lionel, a dashing young British Army officer met Jean, a lovely student nurse and fell deeply in love. When Lionel was shipped off to fight in the Korean war the two lost touch. Now they meet again and slowly begin to rekindle their romance.

        Episodes Comprise:

        Series 5:

        1. The Country Set
        2. Lionel's Ex-Wife
        3. Lionel's New Hobby
        4. Avoiding The Country Set
        5. Broadcast Plans
        6. At Death's Door
        7. Showered With Gifts

        Series 6:

        1. The Stalker
        2. The Psychotherapist
        3. The Dinner Party
        4. What's Wrong With Mrs Bale?
        5. Alistair's Engagement
        6. The House Next Door
        7. A Surprise For Jean

        Series 7:

        1. Pardon?
        2. An Old Flame
        3. The New Neighbours
        4. The Bypass
        5. Too Old ... or Too Nosy
        6. The Old Folks' Party
        7. The Proposal

        Series 8:

        1. A Very Personal Problem
        2. Animal Magnetism
        3. The Bathroom
        4. Suprising News
        5. Going Online

        Series 9:

        1. Time To Settle Down
        2. Another Proposal
        3. The World Will Always Welcome Lovers (aka: The Wedding)
        4. What Now?
        5. You Must Remember This (Parts 1 & 2)


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