• BEARDSLEY, Aubrey Vincent

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      • Aubrey Beardsley   British artist in black and white whose work epitomized the 'decadence' of the 1890s. His illustrations for J. M. Dent's edition of Morte d'Arthur (1892) are strongly influenced by Burne-Jones. In 1893, work of his, showing Japanese influences, was published in The Studio (the 1st Art Nouveau magazine).

        In 1894 Beardsley illustrated Oscar Wilde's English translation of Salome and became art editor of The Yellow Book, but following Wilde's fall in 1895 Beardsley had to resign. In 1896 he became editor of the new magazine The Savoy, in which his illustrations of Pope's The Rape of the Lock and of his own fragment Under the Hill appeared. In these, the stark black and white masses are broken down and the effect shows Beardsley's interest in 18th-century French illustration. In 1896 began the final onset of his tuberculosis and in 1897 Beardsley went to Mentone, where he died.

      • Source: The Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Art and Artists (World of Art)

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