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Frank Auerbach
British Artist (b. 1931)

Frank Helmut Auerbach (born 29 April 1931) is a German-born British painter.

Biography [Last Updated: 2011]

frank auerbach by lucian freud

[]  Full Biog.
[]  Short Biog. I
[]  Short Biog. II
[]  Definitive Monograph @ Amazon
[]  London Building Sites Exhibition

At the age of 8, in 1939, his Jewish parents sent him to school in Kent to avoid the political situation in Germany (on the eve of the 2nd World War and after 6 years of the Nazi Party being in power). That was the last contact he had with them...more


Gallery [Last Updated: 2011]

Frank Auerbach - Lampert

[]  Paintings & Drawings

The legend of Frank Auerbach is that he works from seven o'clock in the morning to nine at night, 364 days in the year ...see


Interview [1998]

Frank Auerbach - Lampert

[]  Exclusive Interview from 1998

Frank Auerbach has been one of the most celebrated British based artists of the last 30 years or so. We were intrigued to find out more about how he worked and what inspired him...more


Latest News [Last Updated: 2011]

Frank Auerbach

[]  On the Horizon

The exhibition is entitled Frank Auerbach: London Building Sites 1952-62 and is at The Courtauld Gallery, Somerset House, London from 16 October 2009 - 17 January 2010...more


Shop [Last Updated: 2011]

Frank Auerbach - To The Studio Dvd

[]  Catalogues & Dvd

When you see the name Jake Auerbach as producer on any Dvd you know exactly what your getting. Whether it's a biographical Dvd on his father Frank, Kitaj or Freud you will know more of the world of the subject than you did before....more


Postcards [Last Updated: 2011]

frank auerbach

[]  Out of Print Postcards Here

These cards are now discontinued. I now only have 3 left of the cards. These are the 6 by 6 inches card Maples Demolition, Euston Road, and the 6 x 4 inches cards: Oxford Street Building Site II and Shell Building Site: from the Thames...more


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