Auf Wiedersehen Pet

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        The Complete Brand New Series [2002]
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        Auf Wiedersehen Pet: The Complete Brand New Series [DVD] [2002]

          Two Discs [2002]

        • Actors: Tim Healy, Jimmy Nail, Pat Roach, Noel Clarke, Kevin Whately
        • Directors: Baz Taylor, Anthony Garner, Sandy Johnson
        • Format: PAL
        • Language: English
        • Region: Region 2 (UK & Europe)
        • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 - 1.78:1
        • Number of Discs: 2
        • Classification: 15
        • Studio: 2 Entertain Video
        • Run Time: 347 minutes

          Full details of this Dvd and what's on it are on the back cover scans below ~ PAUL PAGE

        The boys are back. In six sensational episodes, the country's favourite 'cowboy' builders embark on a rollercoaster ride from Middlesbrough to the Arizona Desert in a bid to make that last big patday.

        The series unites the original cast members: Jimmy Nail (Oz), Timothy Spall (Barry), Kevin Whately (Neville), Tim Healy (Dennis), Pat Roach (Bomber) and Christopher Fairbank (Moxey) plus newcomer Noel Clarke (Wyman) who plays the son of the sadly late Wayne. The last 15 years have been kinder to some of the lads than others. One drives a Bentley, another a taxi. Marriages have come and gone. But when Oz turns up with an irresistible offer, the 'Magnificent Seven' find that the friendships they made on the road to Dusseldorf have, against the odds, survived. Wayne and days of Thatcher's unemployed have gone. The need however for one big pay day remains. Some need the money; some need the comfort of friendship. Oz reckons they can each earn a small fortune if they can find a way of transporting Teesside's Transporter Bridge from Middlesbrough to Arizona. Having decided to carry out Oz's plan, over the six episodes, the lads encounter love, lust, deception, cash, theft, fraud, drugs and the FBI! But above all the journey proves that friendship lasts a lifetime... Season 3 Season 3, Episode 1: Bridging the Gap Season 3, Episode 2: Heavy Metal Season 3, Episode 3: Bridge Over Troubled Water Season 3, Episode 4: A Bridge Too Far Season 3, Episode 5: Another Country Season 3, Episode 6: An Inspector Calls

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        D V D

        Auf Wiedersehen Pet: The Complete Brand New Series [DVD] [2002]
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        Auf Wiedersehen Pet: The Complete Brand New Series [DVD] [2002]
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        Auf Wiedersehen Pet: The Complete Brand New Series [DVD] [2002]
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