Black Narcissus

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        Powell & Pressburger
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      • Cynics may dub this lavish production Brief Encounter in the Himalayas and not without reason. Stripped of most of its finery, the picture [based on the novel by Rumer Godden] resolves itself into the story of two sex-starved women and a man. And since the women are nuns, there can be no happy ending except perhaps in the spiritual sense. But like most of Powell/Pressburger work it is beautifully told and I defy anyone not to say that this is another example of the duo unfolding filmic art before our susceptible eyes.

        At the invitation of an Indian ruler, five sisters of an Anglo-Catholic order open a school and hospital in a remote Himalayan village. They occupy an ancient palace, once known as 'The House of Women', built on a ledge 6,000 feet in the air. The nuns find their task overwhelming and Deborah Kerr, as the sister in charge, has to call for help on the cynical British agent, David Farrar, in spite ot her instinctive antagonism.

        To add to their worries, a native girl in need of a few months cloistering is boarded with the nuns by Farrar. The peace of the convent is further disturbed when the young general heir to the ruler enrolls as a pupil. Materially the work of the convent prospers, but Sister Kerr feels that spiritually most of the nuns are out of harmony. Her thoughts stray back to her girlhood sweetheart in Ireland. Another Sister is obviously thinking too much of Farrar and is taken to task.

        Production has gained much through being in color. The production and camerawork atone for very minor lapses in the story, the brilliant Jack Cardiff's photography being outstanding.

        The cast has been well chosen, Kerr does well in a difficult role.

        Most effective acting comes from the mesmirising Kathleen Byron who has the picture's plum as the neurotic half-crazed Sister Ruth.

        5 STARS OUT OF 5

        A Story to Storm Your Heart!
        Drama at the top of the world ...
        where winds of the exotic past
        sweep men and women to strange and
        fascinating adventure...

      • Sister Clodagh (DEBORAH KERR) leads a group of Anglican nuns to a remote Himalayan range of mountains, there to set up a mission in an abandoned harem. This is sister Clodagh's first position of authority and she finds both her physical and her spiritual limits being taxed as she has to maintian order and discipline in a claustrophobically hostile environment. Slowly but surely, however, the privations and hardship they must endure, the extremes of climate and the peculiar amorality of the local natives all combine to slowly corrupt the women's faith, pushing them further into jealousy, anger and madness...

        This award-winning, tense psychological drama was written, produced and directed by MICHAEL POWELL and EMERIC PRESSBURGER, without a doubt two of the most influential and crtiically-acclaimed film-makers of all time. BLACK NARCISSUS was sumptuously shot by the legendary Jack Cardiff, who won both the Golden Globe and Oscar for Best Cinematography in 1947, producing a film wherein each frame has been likened to a perfectly-taken still photograph. A further Oscar was won by Alfred Junge for his astounding production designs and Deborah Kerr won a New York Flm Critics Circle Award for Best Actress.

        This movie has been sourced from a new, digitally restored High Definition transfer. It also includes:

          [] the original theatrical trailer
          [] Painting With Light - a documentary on Jack Cardiff
          [] stills gallery
          [] audio commentary by Michael Powell and Martin Scorsese
          [] A Profile of Black Narcissus documentary


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