Hot Chocolate
        Bo Derek (1992)

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        1992, 93 MINS, COLOUR, US

        • Director: Josée Dayan
        • Writers: Maryedith Burrell (screenplay) Ginny Cerrella (screenplay)


        • Bo Derek ... BJ Cassidy
        • Robert Hays ... Eric Ferrier
        • François Marthouret ... Hubert de la Canelle
        • Patricia Millardet ... Lucrétia
        • Amidou ... Beauregard
        • Howard Hesseman ... Mr. Cassidy
        • Vincent Cassel ... Dédé
        • David Martin ... Gaston
        • Jean-Yves Gautier ... Jean-Pierre
        • Hella Petri ... La Marquise Pipo
        • Jim Adhi Limas ... Doctor
        • Marc Monjou ... Gardener
        • Marie-Thérèse Orain
        • Raymond Aquilon ... Lift Repairman
        • Philippe Cal ... Trainer ASPCA


          She has a craving
          for something sweet.

          He's up to his neck in ...


          B.J. Cassidy (Bo Derek) is a knockout Texas businesswoman with a self image as big as her home state. One morning, she's riding horses on her ranch; that afternoon, she's flying a helicopter to the Cassidy Corporation headquarters in Dallas; that evening, she's off to France in a bid to take over an ailing chocolate truffle factory!

          What this cowgirl discovers in the French countryside is a deal even sweeter than she expected - love!

        3 STARS OUT OF 5

      Hot Chocolate
      Bo Derek

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        Single Disc [2005]

      • Actors: Bo Derek, Robert Hays, Francois Marthouret, Patricia Millardet, Howard Hesseman
      • Directors: Josee Dayan
      • Producers: Monique Annaud
      • Format: PAL
      • Region: Region 2 (UK & Furope)
      • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
      • Number of discs: 1 Classification: 12
      • Studio: Musicbank
      • DVD Release Date: 5 Sep 2005
      • Run Time: 89 minutes

      • Price: £8.99
        UK Sterling (excludes postage & packaging)

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