Brigitte Bardot

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        Dear Brigitte Spanish Movie Poster
        M O V I E   I C O N O G R A P H Y

        Here's another of my current favourite movie posters. Not a bad price either...

        Brigitte Bardot Dear Brigitte Poster

          Movie Poster [2000s]

        • Type: Reproduction Poster
        • Sized: 11 x 17 Inches - 28cm x 44cm

        Dear Brigitte was one of three light-hearted comedies that its star James Stewart made for Fox and was the best of an average bunch.

        I've found a company called Pop Culture based in America who have this item and quite alot of other posters. I have bought quite alot from them in the past an have always been happy with both the product and the service so I have no hesitation in recommending them. They sell through and a direct link to the product on amazon can be found at the bottom of the page so you don't have to search about.

        Their prices (as of July 2011) are also eye-catching as usually they are affordable and very reasonable. Also, this poster is not something you will find on every high street or any high street for that matter.

        I have created this page mainly to show the bigger scan on a page as it does look beautiful bigger. Size does matter in this case. Plus I wanted to show it against a black background as I think it looks far more striking than against a neutral background (the artist and architect Hundertwasser always advocated having his work shown against a black background). Each page can hold an even bigger scan of the poster so if you have any bigger of this poster just e-mail me it here and I'll place it on the page.


        The image for this item is a digital scan of the poster that you will receive. Sized: 11 x 17 Inches - 28cm x 44cm.


        CONDITION: new.



      • AVAILABLE: july 2016 - no longer available

        B.B. movie posters available @ (direct link to her film posters)


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