The Algerian War

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The Algerian War Dvd

UK Dvd (2008)

Running Time: 4 hrs 20
Certificate: Exempt
Number of Discs: 2

Subtitles: No
Region: 0 (All Regions)

This film is a truly objective history of the Algerian War, a momentous struggle for independence from France by the Algerian people between 1954 and 1962. Unique historical footage has been gathered from both sides - the cameras were free to roam in both countries, and many of the interviewees speak frankly for the first time of their role in the struggle.

This was an eight year conflict that caused the fall of six French Prime Ministers and the collapse of the 4th Republic. It returned de Gaulle to power, but almost saw his demise. Brutal and horrific, it resulted in the deaths of at least a million Moslem Algerians and the ejection from their homes of an equal number of European settlers. Pitiless terror, monstrous cruelty, flagrant torture, indiscriminate violence was countenanced by both sides. But it was also a heroic and tragic affair: the last and most significant of the old style colonial wars.

The prize was a country 10 times the size of Britain, 300 miles wide and stretching 1300 miles from the blue Mediterranean to the harsh desert, forbidding in many ways, but rich in oil and gas and people.


Part 1: ROAD TO REBELLION traces how France became involved in Algeria, the rise of nationalism there, and the critical early months of the uprising in 1954 and 1955

Part 2: A QUESTION OF CONSCIENCE continues through the so-called Battle of Algiers of 1956 and 1957 to the eve of the collapse of the 4th Republic in France in early 1958 and considers the issue of torture with many of the torturers and tortured speaking frankly of their experiences for the first time.

Part 3: I UNDERSTAND YOU details De Gaulle's return to power during the extraordinary events of May 1958, together with his victories during 1959 that brought the Algerian rebellion to near collapse.

Part 4: TO THE BARRICADES pinpoints the increasing disillusionment among European settlers and French Army officers in Algeria with De Gaulle' s policies that found expression in rebellion, fierce rioting and founding in 1961 of the secret anti-government organisation OAS

Part 5: THE SUITCASE OR THE COFFIN chronicles the bloody climax of the Algerian independence struggle, in particular the negotiations that led to the ceasefire of March 1962, the eventual sell-rule for Moslem Algerians and the mass exodus of the European settlers from Algeria.

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