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Complete Series 1
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Ancient Warriors - The Complete Series 1 (2006) [DVD]

UK Dvd Set (2006)

Running Time: 8 hrs 47
Certificate: Exempt
Number of Discs: 3

Subtitles: No
Region: 0 (All Regions)

They were the warrior elite - the most skilled, fierce and feared men of their times - carving out their place in history through brutal, close quarter combat on blood-drenched battlefields around the world.

They fought in times when you lived or died by the strength of your sword arm, or your skill with a bow or spear. Some relied on discipline and tactics; others on wild courage and ferocity. Some adhered to their own codes of honour; others were pure killers who revelled in the murderous destruction they wrought with fire, axe and mace.

They fought. They died. And they shaped the history of the world.

Ancient Warriors: The Complete Series One features all thirteen episodes from the First Series of the action-packed Discovery Channel production.

Each episode focuses on a different group of ancient warriors, examining their training methods, weaponry and battle tactics through the use of authentic combat re-enactments, original period artefacts, expert commentary and computer-generated battlefield recreations:

- The Ancient Egyptians
- The Assyrians
- The Spartans
- The Macedonians
- The Celts
- Roman Legionnaires
- Shaolin Warrior Monks
- The Huns
- The Vikings
- The Knights Templar
- The Aztecs
- The Samurai
- The Janissaries

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