1942               2nd World War satire


    • Carole Lombard Maria Tura
    • Jack Benny Joseph Tura
    • Robert Stack Lt Stanislav Sobinski
    • Felix Bressart Greenberg
    • Lionel Atwill Rawitch
    • Stanley Ridges Professor Siletsky
    • Sig Rumann [Sig Ruman] Colonel Ehrhardt
    • Tom Dugan Bronski


  • Dir:
      Ernst Lubitsch
  • Scr:
      Edwin Justus Mayer, from a story by Ernst Lubitsch (uncredited), Melchior Lengyel



      T o  B e  o r  N o t  t o  B e


    Rated: NR

      There's good taste, and there's this fabulously funny and original wartime comedy from director Ernst Lubitsch, which transcends taste. Witty and cleverly satirical by turns, this movie avoids giving offence by its magnificent casting, with Jack Benny as "that great, great actor Joseph Tura and the wonderful comedian Carole Lombard, in her final film. There's poignancy, too, and a terrific running joke involving Lombard's admirer, played by the young Robert Stack.

      Mel 'the Ego has Landed' Brooks starred in an audacious remake of this story, but the immutable style of this classic original proved impossible to re-create.


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