1956                              Drama

   UK      BW      87mins   

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    • Phyllis Calvert Evelyn Acheson
    • Eric Portman Henry Acheson
    • Stanley Baker Stephen Lorimer
    • Mandy Miller Elizabeth Lorimer
    • Dora Bryan Cassie
    • Joan Hickson Cook
    • Victor Maddern Bert
    • Alfie Bass Ticket collector


  • Dir:
      C Raker Endfield [Cy Endfield]
  • Scr:
      C Raker Endfield [Cy Endfield], from the novel by Janet McNeill


         C h i l d   i n   t h e   H o u s e

    Classification: u

      With her mother in hospital and her father (Stanley Baker) on the run, 11-year-old Mandy Miller is sent to live with her sniffy aunt Phyllis Calvert and rigid uncle Eric Portman. Her presence has an unexpected effect on all concerned.

      A modest British-made drama, directed by Cy Endfield (Zulu) and jam-packed with such stalwarts of the acting profession as Dora Bryan, Joan Hickson and Alfie Bass.

      Good for a tear or two.

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