1944                    Romantic comedy

   US      BW      83mins   

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    • Claudette Colbert Katherine Grant
    • Fred MacMurray Jim Ryan
    • Ilka Chase Hoppy Grant
    • Ruth Havoc Darlene, chorus girl
    • Richard Haydn Roger, composer
    • Paul McGrath Henry Fulton, magazine publisher


  • Dir:
      Mitcheli Leisen
  • Prod:
      Fred Kohimar
  • Scr:
      Claude Binyon
  • Ph:
      Charles Lang Jr
  • Ed:
      Alma Macrorie
  • Mus:
      Victor Young



         N o  T i m e  f o r  L o v e

    Rated: rating

      Escapist is the word, and No Time for Love is just that, in spades. Starring Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray in a Claude Binyon screenplay [adapted by Warren Duff from a story by Robert Lees and Fred Rinaldo] that's heavily loaded for laughs, this pic is rather obviously contrived in some of its situations, but there's no denying a sufficiency of crack dialog - and the laughs that go with it. Mitchell Leisen handles both the production and direction reins, giving No Time both barrels on each count.

      Story concerns a famous femme photographer for a national picture magazine (Colbert), and the complications that evolve when, on an assignment to lens a tunnel construction project, she meets up with a sandhog (MacMurray).

      From there on the basic story is pretty much pretense, but the laughs come fast, and the performances by Colbert and MacMurray are capital.

      Colbert emphasizes her flair for comedy and doesn't spare herself either in relegating her usual sartorial elegance for the sake of serious story values, as indicated in the climactic scene when she gets spilled into a lake of spewing mud from a tunnel cave-in.

    • 1944: Nomination: Best B&W Art Direction

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