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        Life Stories [Book]
        B O O K

        David Attenborough examining marvels of the natural world bringing his own unique "point of view".

          'David Attenborough is the nation's favourite wildlife broadcaster.'
          - The Times

        Topics include the Duck-billed Platypus, Sloth; Monstrous Flowers; Songsters, Archaeopteryx; Amber; Dragons; Birds of Paradise; Bower Bird...more

        david attenborough

          Hardcover: 224 pages
          Publisher: Collins (1 Oct 2009)
          ISBN-10: 9780007338832
          ISBN-13: 978-0007338832
          Product Dimensions: 24.8 x 19.6 x 3 cm


        David Attenborough's Life Stories

          'I daresay my mind would wander over a range of animals
          remarkable for the extravagance of their reproductive techniques'
          ~ Sir David Attenborough, when asked which animal he would like to be if he returned to Earth ~

        This fantasy reincarnation was reserved only when in "racy" company, said the distinguished wildlife broadcaster. But in more sober company, he would go for a sloth, which hangs upside-down all day.

        The sloth is Sir David's first essay in this collection of his own personal insight into the natural world around us. He also talks about his first ever pet, a salamander, and his favourite animal - the bird of paradise, as well as living fossils, flying dinosaurs, dragons and the strange antics of the duck-billed platypus.

        This is Sir David looking at the wildlife that has captured his imagination and enthusiasm over his distinguished career in TV, then wildlife TV. It is a fascinating trip around the world in search of extraordinary plants and animals, in the company of this wonderful communicator.

        Available: Amazon.co.uk
        More info: David Attenborough Dvd/Book Reviews


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