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    • david sylvian - cds at amazon
    • david sylvian manafon digipack release david sylvian manafon deluxe edition //sylvian - manafon// cd (digipack) review (2009)

      //sylvian - manafon// cd/dvd (deluxe edition) (2009)


      buy @ amazon.jp (japan)

      Zero Landmine CD zero landmine

      by: n.m.l.

      cd: japanese only release. sakamoto's massive project featuring the guest talents of kraftwerk, david sylvian, brian eno, yukihiro takahashi, haruomi hosono, dj krush, yamataka eye (boredoms), cyndi lauper, talvin singh, jadranka, arto lindsay, steve jansen, ustad sultan khan, dreams come true, chara, & more!

      buy: amazon.co.jp (japan)

      A Tribute To Japan CD life in tokyo
      a tribute to japan
      by: various artists feat: sugizo

      japanese only release

      Camphor CD


      david sylvian
      best of instrumental cd set (2002)

      ltd edn japanese release + bonus track - japan
      ltd edn bonus cd digipak - japan
      ltd edn japanese release + bonus track - uk
      ltd edn bonus cd digipak - uk
      standard release - uk

      fetish by: tomoyasu hotei feat: mick karn (2000)

      buy: japan

      darshan by: david sylvian & robert fripp (1998)
      cd us import.
      cd details
      dedicated to the memory of Edie Fripp and the birth of Ameera-Daya Sylvian. Three mixes with help from Trey Gunn, the Future Sounds Of London duo and The Grid.

      buy: japan

      ダメージ ライヴ・アルバム damage by: シルヴィアン/フリップ david sylvian & robert fripp (2001)


      buy: japan

      Forbidden Colours CD 禁じられた色彩
      forbidden colours
      sylvian / sakamoto

      4 trk cd japanese only release

      itai by: the d.e.p. feat: mick karn (2001)

      linoleum by: tweaker feat: david sylvian

      nina by: nina feat: mick karn (1999)

      pearl & umbra by: russell mills feat: david sylvian

      Japan double CD シングルズ

      CD (1996/09/04)
      ディスク枚数: 2

      album details
      1996 japanese collection on bmg victor of early singles, rare remixes & standout album tracks by david sylvian's '80s new romantic band. 34 tracks, including five mixes of life in tokyo, two of quiet life', two of halloween', three of i second that emotion, three of european son and more! Comes packaged in double jewel case.

      buy: amazon.co.jp (japan)

      Japan double CD ベスト・オブ・Japan

      CD (2002/10/02)
      ディスク枚数 1

      album details
      japanese only 17 collection of japan's greatest. tracks, Adolescent Sex (re-recorded version) , unconventional, communist china, automatic gun, state line, european son, i second that emotion, life In tokyo, quiet life', fall in love with me, despair, other side of life, foreign place, deviation (live), obscure alternatives (live), in vogue (live) & sometimes i feel so low (live). Features K2 24-bit remastering. BMG.

      buy: amazon.co.jp (japan)

      ピュア・ムーズ pure moods japanese exclusive compilation. features enigma, michael nyman, david sylvian, ryuichi sakamoto, air, massive attack and more(1998)

      sahara blue by: hector zazou feat: david sylvian

      シークレッツ・オブ・ザ・ビ secrets of the beehive by: david sylvian japanese release featuring the mythical track: promise (the cult of eurydice) (1996)

      strange familiar by: russell mills feat: david sylvian

      Trophies II Lyric Book trophies II
      the lyrics & poems of
      david sylvian

      david sylvian

      lyric book designed by: vaughan oliver

      (uk) - amazon.co.jp (japan)

      truth? by: sugizo feat: mick karn (1997)

      the waking hour by: dalis car feat: peter murphy & mick karn (1996)

      地球的病気-we are the d.e.p. by: the d.e.p. feat: mick karn (2001)

      zero landmine by: sakamoto feat: david sylvian

      david sylvian - brilliant trees
    • david sylvian -
      brilliant trees/words with

      2 ALBUMS ON 1 CD.

      Peaked at No.4 in the UK album charts in 1984, this US imports features the bonus of the ambient ep, words with the shaman.

      buy: japan

      david sylvian - approaching silence
    • david sylvian -
      approaching silence


      Composed for two Japanese installations (one with Russell Mills; the other with Robert Fripp the music comprises of two very long & dark soundscapes and one vignette.

      If you like earlier long Sylvian soundscapes like Plight & Premonition & Flux & Mutability then your love this. If not then the shorter and more melodic ambient tracks from Gone to Earth would be a better bet.

      One thing's for sure: Approaching Silence isn't something that will be on your turntable everyday!

      Note: artwork layout by Chris Biggs at v23 who was responsible for the Sylvian book Trophies II.

      david sylvian - dead bees on a cake
    • david sylvian -
      dead bees on a cake


      12 years since Sylvian's last solo release & 7 since the ill fated The First Day collaboration with Robert Fripp the problem with Dead Bees on a Cake is that it is too long. Don't get me wrong: some of the songs are among Sylvian's best. The single I Surrender is laid back Ferryesque easy listening and Midnight Sun jazzy as only a boy from Lewisham, South London now living in the US could make it. But some of the songs are just okay. And for some Sylvian fans, who have had to wait so long for any material, that is something they can't forgive.

      If Sylvian had stuck to the tried and tested formula of 7 or 8 vocal tracks as to be found on Brilliant Trees & Gone To Earth and jettisoned the rest then we would be talking about a classic. A song like Krishna Blue for example should never have been allowed in the same city as Wanderlust never mind the same album.

      A mixed bag.

      david sylvian - everything & nothing エヴリシング&ナッシング by: david sylvian デヴィッド・シルヴィアン (1999)

      2 cd set japanese release.

      ディスク: 1
      2.ハートビート(Tainai Kaiki 2)(ニュー・リミックス)
      4.アルバカーキ(ドブロ 6)(未発表曲)

      ディスク: 2
      5.アパーナとニミシャ(ドブロ 5)(未発表曲)



      everythingandnothingbuy: japan

      david sylvian - everything & nothing
    • david sylvian -
      everything & nothing

      DOUBLE CD. KIND OF BEST OF. 2000 release.

      Originally set for release in the mid 90s, this was shelved and, five years later, it appears with new sleeve artwork & cover photo by Shinya Fujiwara. Was it worth the wait? You bet: it has something for everybody, collector & Sylvian beginner alike.

      To begin with Shinya Fujiwara photos are always worth seeing. The cover of the dog with the painted eyebrows (who would come everyday to have them retouched by the hotelier on an island in the Far East) is no exception.

      The music spans the 20 years Sylvian was at Virgin. They will part ways after the tour and instrumental release at the end of 2001 so this was Sylvian's last chance to work on his back catalogue. He doesn't disappoint.

      For the beginner there is a taster from most of the albums and collaborations (a serial collaborator, E&N has examples of Sylvian's work with Hassall, Fripp, Karn, Fripp, Rain Tree Crow & the most celebrated, Sakamoto among others). When juxtaposed with his work with Japan it shows just how constrained he was by the limits of being in a band. It is true that all ex-members appear at one stage or another but they are there to put Sylvian's ideas into action and not on an equal footing. And that includes the reforming of Japan under the guise of Rain Tree Crow of the early 90s.

      For the collector, there is the 'lost' Japan track, Some Kind of Fool, from the 1980 Gentlemen Take Polaroids sessions and Ride, an outtake from the celebrated 1987 Secrets of the Beehive album. Also, there are songs which didn't make it onto his most recent vocal album, the 1999 Dead Bees on a Cake.

      All in all, an album worth having. The only bad points are the unnecessary new vocals for Ghosts - they add nothing new to the song. And the exclusion of his biggest solo hit Red Guitar and his most celebrated collaboration Forbidden Colours with Sakamoto.

      david sylvian - gone to earth
    • david sylvian -
      gone to earth


      The follow up to the celebrated 1984 solo debut, Brilliant Trees, Gone To Earth sold less well than its predecessor and its easy to see why. Apart from the lighter feel to Silver Moon the album has a kind of sadness and sinister nature about it which you have to work to get into.

      Nonetheless, this is a great album. The 7 vocal tracks explore Sylvian's battle with 'self' and 'selflessness'. Influences in this introspective battle are acknowledged especially on Laughter & Forgetting (part of the title of the Milan Kundera book). Sylvian's vocals perfectly complement the dark texture of the music and the lyrics have the same kind of 'magical realism' as Kundera's prose.

      Only 6 of the 12 or so ambient tracks that can be found on the vinyl edition can be found here. You have to get the scarce Japanese edition to get them all on cd. Consequently, the continuity suffers a little but Answered Prayers with Bill Nelson co-writing and playing guitar on remains one of the most uplifting ambient tracks ever.

      The cover by Russell Mills turned up to be one of his last great original covers with the artwork for Weatherbox before other artists (and one in particular who works for Virgin and can't be named here) copied and diluted his style to such an extent that now most boxsets look like an inferior version of Weatherbox.

      Worth buying for the artwork alone.

      david sylvian - secrets of the beehive
    • david sylvian -
      secrets of the beehive


      Without doubt this is one of the best albums ever made! Completing the triology of vocal albums of the 80s, Sylvian had never been more assured. Every track is wonderfully poetic from the wistful melancholy of the opening track September to the questioning last line: 'Is our love strong enough' on the final track, Waterfront.

      Stand out track is Orpheus, a sweeping homage to the creator of the classic 1949 movie of the same name, Jean Cocteau & the great French actor, Jean Marais, who played Orpheus in that movie. Maria also conjures up images of the Princess of Death from that movie, Maria Casares.

      But no literary dictionary is needed to enjoy these songs. As a bonus, the album has a stripped down version of Forbidden Colours tagged onto the end and it does seem slightly out of place. But that is just a small gripe for what is a must have album for anyone who wants to know what intelligent pop sounds like.

      Cocteau and Marais would have loved it!

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