1942              2nd World War drama

   UK      BW      106mins   

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    • Eric Portman Andre Delange
    • Phyllis Calvert Julie Lamin
    • Griffith Jones Father de Gruyte
    • Raymond Lovell Von Koemer
    • Peter Glenville Charles Neels
    • Frederick Culley Victor Lanvin
    • Irene Handl Frau von Koerner


  • Dir:
      Anthony Asquith
  • Scr:
      Wolfgang Wilhelm, Terence Rattigan, Rodney Ackland


         U n c e n s o r e d

    Classification: 18

      The problem with this wartime movie is that it's too polite. There's no sense of menace or danger in the Belgian setting, where the Nazis are in occupation. That's partly the fault of the screenplay and of director Anthony Asquith, who hadn't the temperament for such a story.

      Eric Portman, an entertainer, and Phyllis Calvert revive a patriotic underground newspaper, La Libre Belgique, only to be betrayed.

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