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        Feb. 2016:

        Smartphone pages added.

        Back in stock. Below are a selection of Frida Kahlo truly stunning canvas prints in stock. They are sent rolled in a hard tube to avoid damage. Unstretched.

        These are some of the most beautiful images ever in the history of art. Kahlo painted her life without embellishing it, warts and all, but never has such honesty been depicted with such awe-inspiring beauty. Beauty that hurts just to look at it.

        I haven't seen any prints quite as good as this selection. Indeed, they are in a league of their own. The scans can never do them justice - in the flesh they are the best looking prints of any artist I have ever seen. Poster reproductions can not possibly compare to these canvas prints - they are works of art in their own right.

        The smaller cotton canvas prints listed below are of far better quality than the bigger ones and it is those I highly recommend. Gosh, there even far better than the giclee prints listed.

        These canvas prints are without doubt the best quality prints on the market. Far better than an ordinary print or poster, they have a depth to them that a scan or photo cannot possibly capture. They have to be seen in the flesh to be believed! From March 2015, and while stocks, last they are each just 24.99 UK Sterling or $39.99 US Dollars (Outside UK) which includes postage (sent in a hard tube to avoid damage).

        Sold with a full money back guarantee, they are so beautiful I have no doubt you will love them.

        Sales of these prints are the only revenue for the site and help to expand it + you get something beautiful & unique to hang on your walls!

        The list of the wonderful cotton canvas prints (these are the prints I can't recommend highly enough) on sale at our lowest ever price are:

      • The Broken Column
      • The Bus
      • Henry Ford Hospital
      • The Love Embrace
      • Memory
      • My Dress Hangs There
      • Nucleus of Creation
      • Self-Portrait The Frame
      • Self-Portrait with Thorn
      • Tree of Hope
      • The Two Fridas
      • What The Water Gave Me

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        We are based in South London near Croydon and viewing is welcome.


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