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    • gary numan - cds at amazon
    • Gary Numan - BBC in Concert: The Best of Gary NumanLive. CD from the 1979 Hammersmith Odeon show.

    • Gary Numan - Berserker. Includes bonus tracks.

    • Gary Numan - Black Heart. Some great live tracks.

    • Gary Numan - - Dance. 1999 re-release of the 1981 album. Includes extra tracks: Stormtrooper in Drag, Face To Face, Exhibition, I Sing Rain & the title track, Dance.

      By the time of this release in the early 80s, Numan was at a crossroads. Album sales were falling & the tried and trusted remote Kraftwerkesque synth pop was being usurped by the exotic flowering of the New Romantics. What to do? The answer was create a more sophiscated sound with the help of Japan's Mick Karn (whose bass can sometimes be overdone and sound suspiciously like a man breaking wind over and over again but here is reined in) & Queen's Roger Taylor to name but two.

      An album worth having, nevertheless it didn't arrest the commercial decline. Only She's Got Claws was released as a single (UK No.6). Peaking at No.3 in the UK album charts it signalled the beginning of the end for Numan and his relationship with his record label, Beggars Banquet

    • Gary Numan - Exhibition Tour 1987: Ghost. Crap cover; great live songs. Double CD.

    • Gary Numan - Exile. 1998 release. A return to the early days with this remote synth-pop sounding stangely contemporary. A must have.

    • Gary Numan - Exile Extended.

    • Gary Numan - The Fury. Includes bonus tracks.

    • Gary Numan - Live at Labatt's Hammersmith Apollo. Double CD from the Sacrifice tour. You guessed it: otherwise known as the Dark Light CD.

    • Gary Numan - Machine + Soul. originally released in 1992, this is really worth having for the extra tracks on this 1999 release which are:

      Hanoi [Emotion B-Side], In a Glasshouse [Emotion B-Side], Wonder Eye [Demo Version of I Wonder], Cry Baby [Demo Version of Cry], The Hauntings [Machine and Soul B-Side], 1999 [Machine and Soul B-Side], Dark Mountain [The Skin Game B-Side].

      But what the hell is this album about? In the early 90s the Numan creative well had well and truly run dry.

      And thinking of this album, here's a thought: before 1994's Sacrifice, you could say Numan was music's equilavent of Orson Welles. He lived his life backwards. Orson Welles began his career showing great promise with War Of The Worlds (Tubeway Army), then his masterpiece Citizen Kane (Replicas). At barely 30 Welles had the movie world at his feet but his film career went gradually downhill from there until he was making dodgy Italian movies and sherry commercials shortly before his death.

      And Machine + Soul is Numan's sherry commercial.

      I'll get my coat.

    • Gary Numan - The Mix. 1998 techno mixes proving that Numan really is the dance meister.

    • Gary Numan - Numan Years (+ Bonus Tracks).

      All Five CDs in this Lavish Box Set Are Digitally Remastered and Contains Bonus Tracks with Detailed Liner Notes. CD Titles Are Berserker, the Fury, Strange Charm, Machine and Soul & Sacrifice.

      Wow! The record label, Eagle, really surpassed themselves. This is a really beautiful collector's item. Eagle, usually known for the cheap looking artwork for their record sleeves ('oh look, mother, an eagle has just crapped on your head') have never had a better hour. Where was the chief executive when the budget for this was agreed? Probaly overseeing the re-release and re-re-re-mixing of Cars for the hundreth time on a new but we've been there before Numan Greatest Hits/Live/Rare Gary Sings Are Friends Electric? underwater release!

    • Gary Numan - Plan. Late 70s Numanoid songs in their demo stage.

    • Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principle. ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED. 1998 release of the classic UK no. 1 album.

      Numan recorded this quickly after the almost overnight success of Tubeway Army's Replicas. Seeing a fast buck, his record label, Beggars Banquet released it without delay.

      Nevertheless, it is a classic. Anything with the original Cars would be. This release also has the bonus of the live tracks: Me! I Disconnect from You, Bombers , Remember I Was Vapour & On Broadway.

    • Gary Numan - New Dreams for Old: 1984-1998. 2000 release of 'rare' versions of songs.

    • Gary Numan - Premier Hits. Great as a beginner's guide to Numan; for the rest of us just a lazy album.

    • Gary Numan - Pure. Godman returns as if he's never been away. It's 1979 again yet its a work that sounds fresh in 2001, if you know what I mean.

      German limited tour edition of the new wave icon's 2000 studio album. Includes eight track bonus disc featuring, Pure, My Jesus, Rip, Cars, Replicas, A Prayer For The Unborn (Grayed Up Remix) & Listen To My Voice (Grayed Up Remix). 18 tracks. Also included is a screensaver poster. Slimline double jewel case housed in a slipcase. 2001 release.

    • Gary Numan - Sacrifice. Goth meisterwek. Originally released in 1994, Scar and Absolution are the stand-out tracks.

    • Gary Numan - Telekon. ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED. 1998 re-release of 1980 album. Includes bonus tracks.

      Here's a strange one. Following up the previous year's Pleasure Principle release it predictably went straight in at UK No.1 (although for 1 week only) in the days when Numan along with that other British wunderkid, Kate Bush, could release their answer machine message and it would go to No. 1! But only one single, This Wreckage was lifted and that only crawled to a high of 20 in the UK charts.

      So what of this juxtapostion of success and failure? Well, Telekon is a dark album and yet tracks like Sleep by Windows have a beauty that only appears after a few listens. The success of the album's first week was due largely to pre-orders when shops were anticipating the demand on the back of the previous No.1 albums and the fan base was beginning to dwindle. Sales for the follow up, - Dance would prove that.

      But buy this album all the same and be patient with it because after many listens you will come to love it.

    • Gary Numan - White Noise. 1998 live double CD.

    • Complete Gary Numan Stock at Amazon.

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