1992                         Comedy drama

   US      Colour      113mins   

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    • Dustin Hoffman Bernie Lapiante
    • Geena Davis Gale Gayley
    • Andy Garcia John Bubber
    • Joan Cusack Evelyn
    • Kevin J O'Connor Chucky
    • Maury Chaykin Winston
    • Stephen Tobolowsky Wallace
    • Christian Clemenson Conklin
    • Tom Arnold Chick
    • Warren Berlinger Judge Goines


  • Dir:
      Stephen Frears
  • Scr:
      David Webb Peoples, from the story by Laura Ziskin, Alvin Sergent, David Webb Peoples


         accidental hero

    [ a c c i d e n t a l   h e r o : m o v i e  r e v i e w ]

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    Classification: vhs

      Another of Stephen Frears's box-office failures and yet another example that by the early 90s Dustin Hoffman's box office appeal had sunk to such a level that he could hardly attract a crowd into a telephone box, this was originally released as Hero in the States. Clearly influenced by Billy Wilder's Ace in the Hole, Frears's film is seriously under-rated, a drama about a plane crash in which Geena Davis's TV reporter is saved by a mystery Good Samaritan. We know it's Dustin Hoffman, but when Andy Garcia claims to be the "Angel of Flight 104" he's swept up in the media hysteria. Sometimes funny, often deeply cynical and pessimistic, it's a clever and brave picture. Contains some swearing.

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