1988                         Comedy drama

   US      Colour      116mins   

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    • William Hurt Macon Leary
    • Kathleen Turner Sarah Leary
    • Geena Davis Muriel Pritchett
    • Amy Wright Rose Leary
    • Bill Pullman Julian Edge
    • Robert German [Robert Hy German] Alexander Pritchett
    • David Ogden Stiers Porter Leary
    • Ed Begley Jr Charles Leary
    • Bradley Mott Mr Loomis
    • Seth Granger Ethan Leary


  • Dir:
      Lawrence Kasdan
  • Scr:
      Frank Galati and Lawrence Kasdan, from the novel by Anne Tyler


         accidental tourist

    [ a c c i d e n t a l   t o u r i s t : m o v i e  r e v i e w ]

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      In 20 years time or so, posterity will place this film among the finest of 20th Century cinema. Yes, The Big Chill may be the crowd-pleaser from director Lawrence Kasdan's portfolio, but this criminally under-rated story remains one of his best. William Hurt with his quiet intensity is wonderful as the travel writer whose life falls apart when his young son dies and his wife (Kathleen Turner) leaves him; Geena Davis is the loopy dog trainer who helps him recover. She won an Oscar as Best Supp. Actress for her role and if anyone is more deserving of the award then I have yet to see them. Her portrayal of the single parent mother who asks only of Hurt that he doesn't vanish from her son's life one day is awe inspiring. Her own sense of style, her difference from the norm, and her determination to pursue love even if it leaves her open to rejection by Hurt and humiliation, is female braveness personified in the shape of Davis. You watch her role and realise how much tougher the female is to the male. It is truly wonderful to behold.

      While there are plenty of laughs along the way, an air of melancholy hangs over the piece as Kasdan movingly probes the emotions Hurt has so successfully buried.

    • 1988: Best Supp. Actress (Geena Davis)
    • Nominations: Best Picture, Score, Adapted Screenplay

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