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01.12.11: Gallery

To really appreciate and marvel at George Tooker's world and his work you really have to see the book George Tooker (Book)
by Thomas H. Garver (pictured right).

This is the book I stumbled across years ago and fell in love with the poetic, magical realism of George Tooker. Back then, here in the UK it was difficult to get anything on Tooker so this book was like finding the Holy Grail.

I still thumb through my now old, tatty copy and always find something to marvel at. The figures, the faces, art found in everyday life ... the world of Tooker is all here in this book. Well almost all as there are 150 paintings reproduced and for someone who works as slowly as George that is a substantial part of his oeuvre. But if you marvel at the detail you realise why he works so slowly - it's just incredible to behold.

I am envious of Americans who can pop into a museum and see one of his works in the flesh anytime they like. Here in the UK this book has to suffice.

It's quite a big size (11 x 10 inches) so the reproductions still have some of the power of the originals. It contains over 150 paintings.


01.12.11: MORE

I don't think it would be exaggerating to say that Tooker belongs in terms of importance to American art in the same category as Hopper or Wyeth. In particularly, his haunting vision of alienation and anonymity of urban life is as visionary as Hoper at his finest. Of course working in egg tempera helped with the luminous quality but required amazingly meticulous application. Below are examples of the magical realism of George Tooker.

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01.12.11: CREDITS

Credit: many of these images are from the DC Moore Gallery. Their website and more info. on the artist can be viewed here

Teller, 1967

Teller, 1967 - Credit DC Moore Gallery, NY

Landscape with Figures, 1965-66

George Tooker - Landscape with Figures, 1965-66
egg tempera on pressed wood
25 1/2 x 29 1/2 inches
Feldman Gallery

Lunch, 1964

George Tooker, Lunch, 1964.  Egg tempera on gessoed panel, 20 x 26 in

Government Bureau, 1956

Government Bureau, 1956
George Tooker (American, born 1920)
Egg tempera on wood; 19 5/8 x 29 5/8 in. (49.8 x 75.2 cm)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
George A. Hearn Fund, 1956

Ward, 1970-71

Ward, 1970-71 - Credit DC Moore Gallery, NY

The Subway, 1950

The Subway, 1950 - Credit Whitney Museum of American Art

Embrace IV, 1984

Embrace IV, 1984 - Credit DC Moore Gallery, NY

Waiting Room, 1957

Waiting Room, 1957 - Credit Smithsonian American Art Museum

In the Summerhouse, 1957 - 1959

George Tooker, In the Summerhouse, 1957-1959

The Table II, 1981

The Table II, 1981
egg tempera on gesso panel 
h: 24 x w: 30 in / h: 61 x w: 76.2 cm 
Gasiunasen Gallery

Un Ballo en Maschera, 1983

Un Ballo en Maschera, 1983 
Color Lithograph, 250 in edition  
h: 22 x w: 30 in / h: 55.9 x w: 76.2 cm

Girl Reading, 2003

Girl Reading, 2003 
Egg tempera on gesso panel   
h: 15.2 x w: 19.5 in / h: 38.6 x w: 49.5 cm
DC Moore Gallery

Sibyl, 2005

Sibyl, 2005 
Egg tempera on gesso panel   
h: 23.5 x w: 23 in / h: 59.7 x w: 58.4 cm 
DC Moore Gallery

Dark Angel, 1996

Dark Angel, 1996 
Egg tempera on gesso panel   
h: 24 x w: 19 in / h: 61 x w: 48.3 cm  
DC Moore Gallery

The Dream, 1991

h: 24 x w: 18 in / h: 61 x w: 45.7 cm  
DC Moore Gallery

Window XI, 1999

George Tooker
Window XI, 1999 
Egg tempera on gesso panel  
h: 24 x w: 20 in / h: 61 x w: 50.8 cm  
DC Moore Gallery

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