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  • greta garbo queen christina

      greta garbo queen christina

    • producer: Walter Wanger
    • director: Rouben Mamoulian
    • writer: H. M. Harwood
    • editor: Blanche Sewell
    • director of photography: William Daniels
    • composer: Herbert Stothart
    • art director: Alexander Toluboff

    • format: Black & White
    • studio: Warner Studios
    • length: 97 mins

    • cast:
      Greta Garbo (Christina)
      John Gilbert (Antonio)
      Ian Keith (Magnus)
      Lewis Stone (Oxenstierna)
      Elizabeth Young (Countess Ebba 'Belle' Sparre)
      C. Aubrey Smith (Aage)
      Reginald Owen (Charles)
      Georges Renavent (Chanut, French Ambassador)
      David Torrence (Archbishop)
      Gustav von Seyffertitz (General)
      Ferdinand Munier (Innkeeper)
      Edward Gargan (Drinker betting on 9)
      Lawrence Grant (Man)
      Sam Harris (Nobleman)
      Paul Hurst (Swedish Soldier Betting on 6)
      Fred Kohler (Member of the Court)
      Edward Norris (Count Jacob, Ebba's Beau)
      C. Montague Shaw (King Gustavus Adophus)
      Akim Tamiroff (Pedro, de la Prada's Valet)
      Wade Boteler (Magnus' Rabble Rouser)
      Richard Alexander (Peasant in Crowd)
      Barbara Barondess (Woman)
      Cora Sue Collins (Christina (younger))

    • released: 1933

      Greta Garbo Movies greta garbo queen christina
      Greta Garbo Movies

    • greta garbo queen christinaA revelation, wrung from the usual MGM bio identikit, but given shape by Mamoulian's painterly eye, and immortality by Garbo's ability to transcend. Even when the script serves up great clumps of unleavened bread, Garbo imbues it with living emotion. Although the same cannot be said of still-handsome John Gilbert's Spanish Ambassador, their love scenes capture the depth of overwhelming emotion in an unparalleled, perfectly beautiful way. If some of Garbo's other performances have dated, this one documents her magical strangeness in a way that has stood the test of time.

      Garbo's Christina is a decisive queen, ruling Sweden with wisdom and compassion. Her former lover, Magnus (Ian Keith), attempts to arrange a marriage between Christina and a dashing prince, but she will have nothing to do with political unions.

      greta garbo queen christinaThen, while out riding, she encounters Don Antonio (Gilbert), the newly appointed ambassador from Spain. Intrigued by the gallant Spaniard, Christina decides to discover his real nature by disguising herself as a man. She goes to an inn where she knows Don Antonio is staying. He befriends her, and, unaware that she is a woman, invites Christina to spend the night in his room. She eventually reveals her identity and the two fall in love, spending two glorious days and nights together.

      Their idyll over, Christina returns to her court and receives Don Antonio officially, pretending she knows him only as an official representative of a foreign power. He is there, he informs her, to ask for her hand in marriage--for the king of Spain. She does not respond, but instead continues to meet him secretly. When the manipulative Magnus discovers their meetings, he rouses the public against Don Antonio, labeling him a trifling interloper.

      greta garbo queen christina In Queen Christina, Garbo had her way, making use of an iron-clad contract that paid her $250,000 a film, gave her the choice of director, cameraman, leading man, and, in fact, the entire cast, if she cared to select the extras.

      She had seen a young British actor, Laurence Olivier, in an Ann Harding vehicle, Westward Passage, and liked him. Olivier was signed to play the Spanish ambassador and came to the studio to rehearse with Garbo, at Mamoulian's suggestion. The rehearsal was a disaster, as Garbo froze up. Olivier was told to forget about appearing in a Garbo film, and Mamoulian immediately called Gilbert, asking him to help warm up the woman he had starred with in the heyday of the silent era. The effect he had on her was amazing.

      greta garbo queen christina Still, the studio proposed other leading players, anyone but Gilbert, but Garbo refused anyone else. Much has been said about Garbo's magnanimous insistence that Gilbert, the fallen star, join her in a major film to rescue his almost lost career. She was reportedly no longer in love with him but was returning the favor he had extended to her at the beginning of her career, when he demanded she co-star with him in the silent classic Flesh And The Devil. But not until Gilbert signed his contract to do Queen Christina did Mayer give up trying to replace him. Chief of production Irving Thalberg and Garbo hoped for a comeback for Gilbert, but even though he was touching in his role, the public was no longer interested, having bought the myth, sponsored by Mayer, about the actor's inadequacy in talkies.

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      Greta Garbo Movies

      Greta Garbo Movies

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      Greta Garbo

      greta garbo queen christina

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    greta garbo anna karenina

  • anna karenina anna karenina (1935)
    starring: greta garbo, fredric march
    director: clarence brown
    format: black & white, hifi sound, ntsc
    rated: nr
    studio: turner home video
    anna karenina
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    greta garbo

    mata hari mata hari (1932)
    starring: greta garbo, ramon novarro
    director: george fitzmaurice
    format: black & white, closed-captioned, ntsc
    rated: nr
    studio: warner home video
    as you desire me
    buy: video (germany) - video (us)

    The Painted Veil

    The Painted Veil the painted veil (1934)
    starring: greta garbo, herbert marshall
    director: richard boleslawski
    format: black & white, hifi Sound, ntsc
    rated: nr
    studio: warner studios
    as you desire me
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    Queen Christina

    Queen Christina queen christina (1933)
    starring: greta garbo, john gilbert
    director: rouben mamoulian
    format: black & white, hifi sound, ntsc
    rated: nr
    studio: warner studios
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    garbo garbo (2002)
    by: barry paris
    type: paperback
    length: 680 pages
    publisher: univ of minnesota pr

    garbo book
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