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    • harold budd the pearl buy it at

      Buy Fila Brazilia 3 White Roses CD

      Harold Budd: A Brief Guide
      Click here to buy his latest release
      b. 24 May 1936, Los Angeles, California, USA. Pianist and ambient/new age composer Budd was already married with two small children when he gained a masters degree in musical composition, which ensured employment in the composition faculty of the California Institute of the Arts.

      At the expense of rhythm, his sonic experiments on the Californian avant garde scene betrayed much of the hypnotic quality of Indian classical music in that single moods were investigated undynamically and often at considerable length.

      Budd left the Institute in 1976 and signed a recording deal with Brian Eno's Obscure label (Eno had dedicated Through Hollow Lands from 1977"s Before And After Science to Budd).

      Buy Harold Budd Pavilion of Dreams CD Following the release of his debut The Pavilion Of Dreams, Budd collaborated with Eno on the pioneering Ambient 2: The Plateaux Of Mirror and, four years later, The Pearl (the acclaimed cover of which was illustrated by Russell Mills).

      Budd's most conspicuous artistic tangent, however, was The Moon And The Melodies, recorded with the Cocteau Twins, which crept into the UK album chart in 1986.

      Robin Guthrie of that band helped out on the excellent follow-up, White Arcades. After parting company with Eno in the 90s Budd has recorded for several leading avant garde labels, and with a wide range of artists including Andy Partridge, Ruben Garcia and Daniel Lentz, Richard Maxfield and Bill Nelson.

      He returned to the solo format in autumn 2000 with his Atlantic Records debut, The Room.

      Bill Nelson 3 White Roses and a Budd
    • Harold Budd Latest Release
      Three White Roses and a Budd
      cd ep

    • Track Listing: No Shade, No Shadow / Adrift Amidst Les Odalisques / The Airless Time / Blue Locus

    • Label: Twentythree
    • Catalogue Number: T016
    • Running Time: 26.29 m:s

      Harold Budd

    • Review: The price of this cd ep is worth the price alone for Harold Budd's delicate & ethereal piano playing. Soft and all enveloping, it underpins each song and caresses the listener. So beautiful - it leaves the listener wanting more collaborations from these players.

      You won't buy a better cd single this year!

      3 White Roses and a Budd cd ep
      sold out

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    harold budd amazon

    Harold Budd Lovely Thunder CDharold budd
    lovely thunder
    magical cd. 1990.
    buy: cd (us)
    Harold Budd Luxa CDharold budd
    lovely thunder
    cd of calm & serenity. 1996.
    buy: cd (us)
    Harold Budd She Is A Phantom CDharold budd
    she is a phantom
    live cd. 1994.
    buy: cd (uk)

    bill nelson what now what next enhanced cd
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    bill nelson noise candy 6 cd setbill nelson
    noise candy
    exquisite 6 cd set of
    mostly unreleased material. 2002.
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    Be Bop Deluxe Tremulous Antenna CDbe bop deluxe
    tremulous antenna
    cd of live recordings from the bbc archives. 2002.
    buy: cd (uk)
  • be bop deluxe - air age anthology
    double best of cd. 1997.
    buy: cd (uk)
  • bill nelson's red noise - sound on sound
    underrated classic cd. 1999.
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    bill nelson rare click to see
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    Bill Nelson Buddha Head CDbill nelson
    buddha head
    cd from my secret studio vol. I.
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    Bill Nelson Deep Dream Decoder CDbill nelson
    deep dream decoder
    cd from my secret studio vol. I.
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    Bill Nelson Electricity Made Us Angels CDbill nelson
    electricity made us angels
    cd from my secret studio vol. I.
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