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We've got in some of these Heney Scott Tuke canvas prints and they are absolutely wonderful. They have a depth that no ordinary print could possibly have. That is why they are sold not only with a full money back guarantee but also an offering of paying your return postage (uninsured mail) should you be dissatisfied with the print for whatever reason. That is how confident we are that you will love the print.

The prices work out at less than half the price for the giclee prints sold on sites like allposters.com which, though good, are nowhere near as good as these.

Below are the prints from currently in stock from Henry Scott Tuke. The first 10 or so are the best and are now just £23.99 incl. postage within the UK. Dreamy and ethereal - two of the qualities that Tuke's work always achieves.


tuke aquamarine print

buy/details: aquamarine canvas print

august blue

henry tuke august blue print

buy/details: august blue canvas print

noonday heat

tuke print

buy/details: noonday heat canvas print

noonday heat 2

tuke print

buy/details: noonday heat 2 canvas print

portrait of t.e. lawrence

tuke print

buy/details: portrait of t.e. lawrence canvas print

a summer morning

tuke print

buy/details: a summer morning canvas print


henry scott tuke bathers print

buy/details: bathers canvas print

boy on a beach

henry scott tuke boy on a beach print

buy/details: boy on a beach canvas print

boys bathing from a rowing boat

tuke boys bathing from a rowing boat print

buy/details: boys bathing from a rowing boat canvas print

gleaming waters

henry scott tuke gleaming waters print

buy/details: gleaming waters canvas print

in the meadow

tuke in the meadow print

buy/details: in the meadow canvas print

johnny jackett

tuke johnny jackett print

buy/details: johnny jackett canvas print

lovers of the sun

henry scott tuke lovers of the sun print

buy/details: lovers of the sun canvas print

man in a rowing boat

henry scott tuke man in a rowing boat print

buy/details: man in a rowing boat canvas print

the midday rest

henry scott tuke the midday rest print

buy/details: the midday rest canvas print

midsummer morning

henry scott tuke midsummer morning print

buy/details: midsummer morning canvas print

morning splendour

henry scott tuke morning splendour print

buy/details: morning splendour canvas print

netting lobster

henry scott tuke netting lobster print

buy/details: netting lobster canvas print

return from fishing

tuke return from fishing print

buy/details: return from fishing canvas print

samuel under a tree, jamaica

henry scott tuke samuel under a tree jamaica print

buy/details: samuel under a tree, jamaica canvas print

a standing male nude

henry scott tuke la standing male nude print

buy/details: a standing male nude canvas print

steering lesson

henry scott tuke steering lesson print

buy/details: steering lesson canvas print

the sun bather

henry scott tuke the sun bather print

buy/details: the sun bather canvas print

sun bathers

henry scott tuke sun bathers print

buy/details: sun bathers canvas print

three masters falmouth

tuke three masters falmouth print

buy/details: three masters falmouth canvas print

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