1928                     Silent comedy

       UK      BW      100mins   

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    • Jameson Thomas Samuel Sweetland
    • Lillian Hall-Davis Araminta Dench
    • Gordon Harker Churdles Ash
    • Gibb McLaughlin Henry Coaker
    • Maud Gill Thirza Tapper
    • Louie Pounds Widow Windeatt


  • Dir:
  • Scr:
      Eliot Stannard, from the play by Eden Phillpotts, from the novel Widecombe Fair by Eden Phillpotts



    [ t h e  f a r m e r ' s  w i f e : m o v i e  r e v i e w ]

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    Classification: NR

      Adapted from his own novel, Widecombe Fair, Eden Phillpott's play had been a long-running hit in the West End before Alfred Hitchcock translated it to the screen.

      Essentially, it's a comedy of rural manners, as widower Jameson Thomas alights on the village's eligible spinsters before coming to appreciate the charms of his loyal housekeeper, Lilian Hall-Davis. But Hitchcock adds a veneer of social suspense that renders the farmer's search as much a study in gender and class as a melodramatic romance. Moreover, there's also plenty of coarse clowning from Gordon Harker, as Thomas's gauche handyman.

      Basil Sidney headlined the 1940 remake

      UK Dvd

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