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h u m p h r e y   b o g a r t  :   f i l m s  ]

"Bogart particularly despised Gregory Peck."
- Paul Page

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    The commercial failure of the film, which was considered too literary at the time, led Bogart to return to more conventional roles in films of less interest: in Curtiz's We're No Angels (1955) he was a comic convict in company with Aldo Ray and Peter Ustinov; in Dmytryk's The Left Hand of God (1955) a sham priest taking refuge in a Chinese missionhouse to escape the tyrannical war lord whose adviser he has been. In William Wyler's The Desperate Hours (1955), already ravaged by the illness of which he was to die, Bogart played his last gangster role.

    the long goodbye

    In 1956 Mark Robson's The Harder They Fall cast him once more as a journalist, this time denouncing the boxing racket. Similar in mood to Deadline USA, it ended his career, if not in glory, then on a high note.

    Bogart's relatively slow start was rapidly compensated for by the depth and variety of his roles from 1941 onwards. If the war years stand out by virtue of The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca and To Have and To Have Not, after the war he was much freer in his choice of roles and was equally brilliant in socio-political films, thrillers and comedies. His last films reveal an actor totally identifying with his roles, enriching them with his own maturity, his unique capacity for understatement and irony.

    Humphrey Bogart died of cancer on January 14, 1957. During the sixties his reputation never ceased to grow until it reached cult proportion. Indeed, at this point in time, nearly 50 years after his death, his iconic status seems only to be enhanced with each year that passes.

    He possessed elegance, courage and insolence, and knew how to efface himself when necessary. Aggressive, precise, economical, his acting was astonishingly modern. Bogart remains today linked with the best that America has had to offer.

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  • 1930 Broadway's Like That/Ruth Etting in Broadway's Like That (short)
  • 1930 Up the River
  • 1930 A Devil With Women
  • 1931 Body and Soul
  • 1931 Bad Sister
  • 1931 A Holy Terror
  • 1932 Love Affair
  • 1932 Big City Blues
  • 1932 Three on a Match
  • 1934 Midnight
  • 1936 The Petrified Forest
  • 1936 Bullets or Ballots
  • 1936 Two Against the World (USA retitling for-TV: One Fatal Hour) (GB: The Case of Mrs Pembrook)
  • 1936 China Clipper
  • 1936 Isle of Fury
  • 1936 The Great O'Malley
  • 1937 Black Legion
  • 1937 Marked Woman
  • 1937 Kid Galahad (USA retitling for TV: The Battling Belihop)
  • 1937 San Quentin
  • 1937 Dead End
  • 1937 Stand-In
  • 1938 Swing Your Lady
  • 1938 Men Are Such Fools
  • 1938 Crime School
  • 1938 Racket Busters
  • 1938 The Amazing Dr Clitterhouse
  • 1938 Angels With Dirty Faces
  • 1939 King of the Underworld
  • 1939 The Oklahoma Kid
  • 1939 You Can't Get Away With Murder
  • 1939 Dark Victory
  • 1939 The Roaring Twenties
  • 1939 The Return of Dr X
  • 1939 Invisible Stripes
  • 1940 Virginia City
  • 1940 It All Came True
  • 1940 Brother Orchid
  • 1940 They Drive by Night (GB: The Road to Frisco)
  • 1941 High Sierra
  • 1941 The Wagons Roll at Night
  • 1941 The Maltese Falcon
  • 1942 All Through the Night
  • 1942 The Big Shot
  • 1942 Across the Pacific
  • 1942 Casablanca
  • 1943 Action in the North Atlantic
  • 1943 Thank Your Lucky Stars (guest)
  • 1943 Sahara
  • 1944 Passage to Marseille
  • 1944 To Have and Have Not
  • 1945 Conflict
  • 1945 The Two Mrs Carrolls
  • 1945 Hollywood Victory Canteen (guest) (short)
  • 1946 The Guys From Milwaukee (uncredited guest) (GB: Royal Flush)
  • 1946 The Big Sleep
  • 1947 Dead Reckoning
  • 1947 Dark Passage
  • 1947 Always Together (uncredited guest)
  • 1948 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
  • 1948 Key Largo
  • 1949 Knock on Any Door
  • 1949 Tokyo Joe
  • 1950 Chain Lightning
  • 1950 In a Lonely Place
  • 1951 The Enforcer (GB: Murder Inc.)
  • 1951 Sirocco
  • 1951 The African Queen
  • 1952 Deadline USA (GB: Deadline)
  • 1953 Battle Circus
  • 1953 Beat the Devil (GB- IT)
  • 1954 The Love Lottery (uncredited guest) (GB)
  • 1954 The Caine Mutiny
  • 1954 A Star Is Born (voice only)
  • 1954 Sabrina (GB: Sabrina Fair)
  • 1954 The Barefoot Contessa
  • 1955 We're No Angels
  • 1955 The Left Hand of God
  • 1955 The Desperate Hours
  • 1956 The Harder They-FalI.

    humphrey bogart film posters both vintage and repros @ (direct link) - just checked & a bigger selection than i have seen everywhere else





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