The Bitch / The Stud

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        • Actors: Joan Collins, Oliver Tobias
        • Directors: Quentin Masters, Gerry O'Hara
        • Format: Anamorphic, PAL
        • Language: English
        • Region: Region 2 (UK & Europe)
        • Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1

        • Number of discs: 1
        • Classification: 18
        • Studio: Optimum Home Entertainment
        • DVD Release Date: 21 Nov 2005
        • Run Time: 179 minutes

      • The Stud (1978): A waiter (Oliver Tobias) becomes manager of a hip discotheque by sleeping with his boss' insatiable wife (Joan Collins), but the life bores him and he returns to his East End roots...

        This look at the sexual cavortings of the super-rich revived Joan Collins' flagging career and paved the way for her success in the television series 'Dynasty'.

        I make no apology: looking back on this film some 30 years later I consider it art in the way that a Jeff Koons piece is art. It is the art of kitsch or should that be the kitsch of art? The shallow plot and paper-thin characterisations help to give it that appeal but it is the performance of Joan Collins at her best or worst that truly makes the film a tour de force. Was 1970s swinging London really like this? I don't know but what I do know is that I wish it had been like that. Imagine a world where Collins was the center of the universe! Well, thinking about it, she was for countless males of my generation!

        I hazard a guess that those bulky videos in those long forgotten video stores up and down the country rented these out by the lorry load in the days when the price of buying a video meant a 2nd mortgage for many.

        Oh to be in those dodgy disco settings with the Collins sisters!

        Forever after her co-star, Oliver Tobias, was sniffy about the film. He needn't be. It is sublime, it is fantasy, time has turned it into a classic of its time.

        Filming locations included Eaton Square, Belgravia, London.

      • The Bitch (1979): Joan Collins stars in the film version of her sister Jackie's novel about a rich woman who has an ill-advised affair with a young gangster wanted by the Mafia.

        'The Bitch' is a sequel to 'The Stud', also from a Jackie Collins novel.

        And yes it has that outfit!


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