Judy Garland

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        Signature Collection 6-Dvd Boxset
        M O V I E   I C O N O G R A P H Y

        Warner Home Video, who released this, have quietly gone about tastefully packaging the important movies of some of the biggest Hollywood actors of the 20th-century...more

          Dvd Set [2000s]

        • Format: PAL
        • Region: Region 2 (UK & Europe)
        • Number of Discs: 6
        • Classification: U

        • Studio: Warner Home Video
        • DVD Release Date: 28 Sep 2009

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        The Signature packaging is uniformly beautiful, from the boxsets of Garbo to Cary Grant (the big boxset of his they released a few years back is jaw-droppingly gorgeous) and everything that is in-between.

        This Judy Garland set appeals to me especially for the fact it has the 2-Disc A Star is Born. This updated version has still shots and reconstructed scenes presented in wide screen format and the song The Man Who Got Away. Plus the footage on disc two shows a recording of the film premier with stars arriving and being interviewed. Thes 2-disc editions really are the way to release classics as it gives time to get into the anatomy of a film.

        The full list of films here are:

          ~ A Star Is Born (2 Disc) ~ Love Find Andy Hardy ~ Ziegfeld Girl ~ For Me and My Gal ~ Harvey Girls ~ In The Good Old Summer Time

        If you are discovering Garland for the first time then you are in for a rare treat with this set.

        All thanks to Warner Home Video.


        CONDITION: new.



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