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      • Julio Gonzalez was, with Laurens and Lipchitz, a Cubist sculptor. He was born in Barcelona, into a family of metalworkers. The family moved to Paris in 1900 and Gonzalez soon came in contact with Picasso, whom he had already met in Barcelona: in 1930 he taught Picasso the technique of ironworking. For many years a painter, Gonzalez worked in the Renault factories during World War I and subsequently devoted himself to sculpture in iron. He was influenced by Archipenko and produced a form of Cubist sculpture: in turn, his work has had great influence on British and US sculptors (e.g. Butler). His masterpiece is the Montserrat (1936-7, Amsterdam, Stedelijk Mus.) made for the Spanish Pavilion at an International Exhibition, but it is more naturalistic than most of his works - e.g. the Woman Doing Her Hair (1936: New York, M ofMA).

        Many of his works are in Paris (Mus. d'Art Mod.); others (including many drawings) are in London (Tate).

      • Source: The Penguin Dictionary of Art and Artists (Penguin Reference Books)

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