Kavanagh QC - The Complete Collection

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        John Thaw
        D V D

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        Official Release

        Running Time - 34 hrs 34
        Certificate - 15
        Number of Discs - 10
        Subtitles - Yes
        Region - 2

        John Thaw, Anna Chancellor, Oliver Ford Davies, Nicholas Jones, Daisy Bates, Nick Patrick, John Carlisle, Sam Cox & Carol Harrison
        Various Directors

        John Thaw is Kavanagh Q.C., one of the most respected criminal advocates in London. From a northern working-class background, James Kavanagh has climbed to the top of an elite profession through hard work and a love of the law. But his dedication to work, the long hours and difficult cases have taken their toll on life at home with his wife and two teenage children.

        Episodes Comprise:

        1. Nothing But the Truth
        2. Heartland
        3. A Family Affair
        4. The Sweetest Thing
        5. True Committment
        6. Men of Substance
        7. The Burning Deck
        8. A Sense of Loss
        9. A Stranger in the Family
        10. Job Satisfaction
        11. Mute of Malice
        12. Blood Money
        13. Ancient History
        14. Diplomatic Baggage
        15. The Ties That Bind
        16. In God We Trust
        17. Memento Mori
        18. Care in the Community
        19. Briefs Trooping Gaily
        20. Bearing Witness
        21. The Innocency of Life
        22. Dead Reckoning
        23. Ceremony of Innocence
        24. Seasons of Mist
        25. Previous Convictions
        26. The More Loving One
        27. Time of Need


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