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koo stark
Koo Stark (2003)

Born: Kathleen Dee-Anne Stark

Koo Stark Smartphones Page

    When doctors told Koo Stark she had breast cancer she wanted to know what to expect. They told her shed need a mastectomy which would leave her with one breast, then chemotherapy which would make her hair fall out.

Information on Koo Stark's charity, Keep Abreast, can be found at www.thehaventrust.org.uk.

Successful freelance photographer

Sometime girlfriend of HRH Prince Andrew, she fell out of favour when her involvment in soft-porn films Emily (1977) and Cruel Passion (1977) became known.

Is the daughter of film producer Wilbur Stark.

Has been a practicing Buddhist since 1994.

Lives in New York and London.

The role of Rost in Doctor Who - Attack Of The Cybermen was meant for her but she allegedly had a disagreement with the production team over her fee and was replaced by Sarah Berger.

Daughter Tatiana born March 17, 1997.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in August, 2002 and following the emergency mastectomy in America she had to endure weeks of chemotherapy and the loss of her trademark long hair.

It was her five-year-old daughter, Tatiana, who first noticed the rock in Koos breast as the pair hugged.

After doctors in London repeatedly failed to spot the cancer, Koo was diagnosed in America last August and had her breast removed two days later.

In December 2003, underwent her second mastectomy. Although she lives in London, her family still resides in the U.S., so she had the surgery and recovered near them. Has set up a cancer organization called, Keep Abreast.

Oct 5, 2012

Koo Stark has appeared in court accused of stealing a painting worth 40,000.

Stark, 56, who dated the Duke of York in the 1980s, appeared at West London Magistrates' Court under her real name of Kathleen Stark.

The actress, from Knightsbridge, denies the allegations. She was released on unconditional bail to appear at the court on 16 November.

The case is then expected to be committed to crown court.

It is claimed Miss Stark, who is also a photographer and artist, stole the painting from the flat of her former partner Warren Walker, the father of her daughter Tatiana.

The Anthonie van Borssom oil painting depicts a moonlit coastal landscape.

Source: BBC

Oct 5, 2012

The US-born actress-turned-photographer is accused of taking the oil painting of a moonlit coastal landscape by Dutch master Anthonie Van Borssom from the home of her ex-partner American financier Warren Walker.

After arrived at the Notting Hill home with a bunch of flowers where she allegedly demanded a vase before taking another picture off the wall and getting into a tug of war.

Paul Mitchell, prosecuting, told Hammersmith Magistrates' Court: "The housekeeper managed to hold on to the painting.

"Ms Stark ran to the staircase and removed a painting from wall before leaving the flat."

Dressed in a beige trenchcoat, navy blue polka dot dress, and blue belt, Stark spoke only to confirm her identity and plead not guilty to a single count of theft.

Her lawyer earlier made an unsuccessful application to have her excused from normal court rules which require defendants to state their address aloud in open court.

The episode unfolded at Mr Walker's home, in Kensington Park Gardens, on July 21 this year.

Court documents say the picture, by artist Anthonie van Borssom, is valued at around 40,000.

Adjourning for a committal hearing on November 16, District Judge Paul Clark told Stark: 'I'm releasing you on unconditional bail.

'This is a case suitable for trial only at the crown court, and I decline jurisdiction.'

The photographer was in a relationship with Mr Walker until they split up 10 days before their 1997 wedding when she was seven months pregnant with their daughter Tatiana, now 15.

She also dated Prince Andrew when he returned from the Falklands conflict in 1981, after they met on a blind date during his leave from the Royal Navy. He took her on holiday to Mustique, she was invited to Balmoral to meet the Royal Family and there were rumours of an engagement.

But the romance ended when it emerged she had appeared semi-naked in a raunchy film called Emily in 1976.

In a statement read outside court by Miss Stark's solicitor Jules Azzopardi she branded the charge she faced as 'bogus' and told how she had been subjected to a 12-hour ordeal at a police station over it.

Mr Azzopardi said: "Miss Stark's innocence and her reputation will be vindicated during these proceedings.

"She faces prosecution for allegedly stealing a painting. It is a bogus charge.

"This was one of several gifts given to her by the chief prosecution witness, given to her before and after the birth of their child.

"You may think that his is the crime, not her's - to claim that this painting, which was given in love to her by him is now claimed to be allegedly stolen by the mother of his child.

"In a 12 hour ordeal following her arrest, detention and interrogation in which she set out her defence, Miss Stark was told by the police that no future action would be taken against her and that this investigation would be discontinued.

"The reinstatement of this investigation and prosecution is regrettable as is the lack of respect towards Miss Stark by her accuser.

"The basis of allegations made against her will be shown for what they are at trial and Miss Stark is confident that the court will acquit her."

Source: Telegraph

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Koo Stark Smartphones Page

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