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kula shaker

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  • tattva lucky 13
  • grateful when you're dead
  • tattva
  • hey dude
  • govinda
  • hush
  • summer sun ep
  • sound of drums
  • mystical machine gun
  • shower your love


  • k
  • peasants, pigs & astronauts

    the jeevas

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  • one louder
  • scary parents 7"
  • once upon a time in america
  • virginia
  • ghosts (cowboys in the movies)

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      April 2016: Partial discography is now here

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    kula shaker eye


    kula shaker amazon

    kula shaker k cd album

    kula shaker - k
    celebrated debut album
    buy: cd (uk) - cd (us)
    cassette (uk)

    kula shaker govinda cd single kula shaker - govinda
    cd single
    an ancient indian chart on a pop song
    buy: cd (uk)

    kula shaker hush cd single kula shaker - hush
    cd single
    buy: cd (sweden) - cd (uk)

    kula shaker peasants pigs and astronauts cd

    crispian mills

    the jeevas 1234 cd

    jeevas virginia
    the jeevas- virginia
    cd single

    buy: cd (uk)

    the jeevas 1234 cd album the jeevas- 1234
    cd album

    buy: cd (uk) - cd (us)
    jeevas ghosts cd
    the jeevas -
    ghosts (cowboys in the movies)

    cd single

    buy: cd (uk)

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