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        Carola (1975)
        D V D

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        • Dvd Release Date: 2000s
        • Region: 0 (All Regions), Pal
        • Number of Discs: 1

        • Catalogue Number: BDE5036
        • Studio: Broadway Classics

          One of the greatest artists of the cinematic medium, Jean Renoir brings his lyrical expressiveness to this moving tale of forbidden love, backstaged in Nazi-occupied France

        Legendary filmmaker Jean Renoir's suspenseful and romantic tale of a beautiful French actress struggling to avoid the deadly politics and forbidden passions of Nazi-occupied France. The drama takes place backstage in a theatre where a play is in progress and the German Gestapo is looking for a French underground leader who they know is hiding there. Mel Ferrer portrays the head of the German occupying forces who renews an unexpected liaison with Leslie Caron, a glamorous star of boulevard farces. Can she as she insists in the beginning turn her back on politics, turn her back on the war and devote herself solely to her art? Before the play is over, Carola must make a major decision, which is a matter of life and death her own.

        Leslie Caron at her most enticing


      • Actors:
          Leslie Caron, Mel Ferrer, Carmen Zapata, Anthony Zerbe, Albert Paulsen

      • Produced by:
          Norman Lloyd
      • Date of production:

          (Broadway Classic Collection)


        Dvd Features

          Scene selection facility

        Technical Details

          Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (Full-frame)
          Region: 2 (UK & Europe), PAL
          Audion: English, Mono
          Running Time: 112 mins approx
          Subtitles: None

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