Louise Brooks

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        • Image Size: 60 x 80 cm (without border: 49 x 69 cm)
        • Type: Art Print
        • Signed/Unsigned: Unsigned

          This fine art print is produced on Forest Stewardship Council certified paper, using post-consumer and sustainably sourced paper, and soy-based inks.

        Louise Brooks is one of the most talented and beautiful stars ever and she would have been over 100 years old now. It is now 25 years since her passing and yet her iconography seems to get stronger as each year passes. Perhaps because those other 2 great recluses of the 20th-century, Garbo and Dietrich never really went out of fashion or their personas were never far from the public spolight, Brooks did disappear from us. For two decades she was as if a rumour, a tenuous echo from the past, her 'star' lost to even those who cared to remember her. Her brief film career was over - she moved into middle age alone. She lived as a recluse in appartments with neighbours who never knew who she was.

        Then through Godard and others in the 1960s she was re-discovered and in no small part to her own desire to see her icon in the spotlight it has grown ever since. The absence has only made our hearts grow fonder.

        Louise Brooks - lost and found. Made more precious than something that was always 'there'.

        Complete Louise Brooks biography is here.

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        60 x 80 cm (without border: 49 x 69 cm).


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