Man About the House

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        The Complete Series 6
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        • Catalogue Number: 7952642
        • Time: 175 mins approx
        • Region: 2 / PAL (UK & Europe)
        • Subtitles: None
        • Sound: Mono / English

        • Picture: 4:3 / Colour
        • Number of Discs: 1
        • Classification: PG
        • Barcode: 5027626264246

      • Created and written by Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke (GEORGE AND MILDRED, ROBIN’S NEST), MAN ABOUT THE HOUSE was a phenomenally successful comedy for ITV, running for six series in total, spinning off two further shows and making household names of stars Richard O’Sullivan, Paula Wilcox and Sally Thomsett.

        The Party’s Over

          Roper gets on his high horse when Chrissy goes over his head behind his back. There’ll be no party in the house while he’s landlord. Is the Ropers’ marriage finally breaking up?

        One More for the Pot

          When Robin, Chrissy and Jo need a fourth to share their flat, the problem of sex arises. Boy or girl? It must be one or the other and Robin is very keen on the other.

        The Generation Game

          Robin plans an intimate dinner for two, but it turns into two intimate dinners for two when Mr. and Mrs. Roper have a disagreement. Chrissy finds herself wooed from an unexpected direction.

        The Sunshine Boys

          Summer holiday brochures remind Chrissy, Jo and Robin that they’re all looking rather pale and wan. And Mrs. Roper owns a sunray lamp – or she thinks she does. Strangely enough, it seems to have disappeared...

        Mum Always Liked You Best

          Robin has never mentioned his elder brother, and when we meet him we find out why. Chrissy and Jo are fascinated. They’ve never met a man with bionic legs who can win prizes for sitting down.

        Fire Down Below

          Robin and his brother Norman continue their pursuit of Chrissy. Will the best man win? Meanwhile, Roper tries his hand at chimney sweeping and casts a cloud over a romantic evening.

        Another Bride, Another Groom?

          Is Robin about to lose a girlfriend and gain a sister-in-law? Can Chrissy get married when the bridegroom has had his head knocked off? Suffice it to say that the wedding day doesn’t go quite as planned…


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