1971                              Drama

   UK      Colour      110mins   

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  • Dir:
      Brian G. Hutton
  • Prod:
      Jay Kanter, Alan Ladd Jr
  • Scr:
      Edna O'Brien
  • Ph:
      Billy Williams
  • Ed:
      Jim Clark
  • Mus:
      Stanley Myers
  • Art Dir:
      Peter Mullins




    [ z e e   a n d   c o : m o v i e  r e v i e w ]


    Rated: r

      'Elizabeth Taylor and I became great friends instantly, because she is a no-bullshit lady, and I'd like to imagine myself as a no bullshit man..'

                                    - Michael Caine on his co-star in Zee and Co

    When Michael Caine was offered Zee and Co (or X, Y and Zee as it was known in the States), he almost agreed without even reading the script when he heard he was to appear opposite Elizabeth Taylor, at the time the biggest female star in the world. And Caine found his encounter with Elizabeth Taylor as entertaining as he had hoped. When she turned up on set at Shepperton Studios with a Jug of Bloody Mary, he knew it would be fine.

    The relationship may have been fine but the picture wasn't. The critics and public alike loathed it. Explains Caine:

      'It was very much a woman's picture and a little ahead of its time. It was, to say the least, not quite my style of thing, but I really wanted to work with Elizabeth so I took it and never regretted it.'

    Scripted by Edna O'Brien, this preposterous rubbish still raises a laugh (and not for the right reasons) as Taylor, Caine (as her husband), Susannah York (as his lover) and Margaret Leighton (as a society hostess) play it close to the edge. Taylor slashes her wrists, York's earlier affair with a nun comes to the surface and before long the pair are in bed together. Pity poor Mr Caine. But pity everyone except the costume designer who works wonders with see-through materials.

    Contains swearing, nudity and unbelievably bad acting.

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