Michelle Phillips


      B I O G .


      Date of birth:

        4 June 1944
        Long Beach, California, USA

      Birth name:

        Holly Michelle Gilliam


        5' 7"


        Dennis Hopper (31 October 1970 - 8 November 1970) (divorced)
        John Phillips (31 December 1962 - 1970) (divorced) 1 child
        Grainger Hines (divorced) 1 child
        Robert Birch (divorced)



      Michelle Phillips originally intended to pursue a career as a model but in 1962 met and married musician John Phillips. They first joined the singing group The Journeymen and later re-formed the group as the New Journeymen when Denny Doherty joined. By the mid-60s, with the addition of Cass Elliott, the Mamas and the Papas were born. Almost immediately, the group had a Number One hit with Monday, Monday. Their appearance at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival was filmed and included in the 1968 documentary Monterey Pop. By that time, internal strains had begun to cause rifts within the group and as it dissolved so did her marriage to Phillips.

      The newly divorced Phillips landed her first film role in Dennis Hopper's all-but-unwatchable The Last Movie (1970) set in the jungles of Peru. Although she spent eight days married to Hopper, Phillips hardly made an impression in her debut. She fared somewhat better as the moll to Warren Oates' Dillinger (1973) and slowly began to make inroads as a guest performer on the small screen. Phillips looked smashing as the lesbian Natasha Rambova holding power over Valentino (1977) in Ken Russell's extravagant biopic and held her own opposite James Mason in Bloodline (1979). She later portrayed the mother of gymnast Mitch Gaylord in the underperforming American Anthem (1986) and was relegated to forgettable fare in the 90s (i.e., Scissors 1991; Army of One 1993).

      But the small screen proved more receptive and Phillips earned, if not superstardom, status as a working actor. Among her early roles were as love interest to Robert Forster and daughter to Melvyn Douglas in the faux-Eastwood TV offering The Death Squad (ABC, 1974) and the female lead in The California Kid (ABC, 1974). In 1977, she was featured in the NBC miniseries Aspen and the following year lent her allure to the role of the sexual plaything daughter of a fading movie star (Tony Curtis) in The Users (ABC). Phillips has been tagged by executive producer Jay Bernstein for several Mickey Spillane TV-movies, including Murder Me, Murder You (CBS, 1983), and Murder Takes All (CBS, 1989).

      By the mid-80s, the actress landed her first recurring role on a series as Elizabeth Bradshaw Cabot, a nemesis for manager James Brolin in Hotel (ABC). But it was her stint as the conniving vixen and perpetual loser Anne Mathison on the CBS serial Knots Landing that solidified her reputation. She originated the part in 1987 and returned to it from 1990 to 1993, reprising the role in the reunion movie Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac (CBS, 1997).

      Phillips had less luck in her subsequent series, both of which were short-lived ( Second Chances, CBS, 1993-94, and Malibu Shores, NBC, 1996). More recently, she was seen in the recurring role of mother to Valerie Malone ( Tiffani-Amber Thiessen) on Fox's Beverly Hills, 90210.

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