Tidmarsh Mill
    Canvas Print (2010s)

    Header Photo: Low resolution detail from the canvas print Tidmarsh Mill by Dora Carrington. Please see the actual print below for what you will be getting.

    2016: Sold Out. Dora Carrington canvas prints @ (direct link to prints)

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    Dora Carrington ~ Tidmarsh Mill Canvas Print

    Dora Carrington Tidmarsh Mill Print

    Canvas Size: 18 x 12 inches (approx.)
    Image Size: 15 x 10 inches (approx.)
    Date: 2010s (Modern)

    These canvas prints are without doubt the best quality prints on the market. Far better than an ordinary print or poster, they have a depth to them that a scan or photo cannot possibly capture. They have to be seen in the flesh to be believed! From 2016, and while stocks, last they are each just 22.99 UK Sterling or $29.99 US Dollars (Outside UK) which includes postage (sent in a hard tube to avoid damage). Forget about art poster prints - get a canvas print with depth instead! You won't regret it.

    Sold with a full money back guarantee, they are so beautiful I have no doubt you will love them. Buy Print.

    Just bought a few of these from an art company in Glasgow and this is their blurb:

    Fine Quality Reproduction
    This is a stunning reproduction on canvas of the original painting by the above artist. We describe every reproduction which we create as a "Outstanding". You may think this to be a rather grand claim, but with our rigorous attention to detail allied with the very latest in technology, we doubt that you will disagree when you see the finished product.

    Latest Technology
    All of our prints are reproduced using the very latest technology which yields spectacular reproductions. We use only the finest quality 100% cotton canvas which would look perfect in any home.

    Attention to Detail
    Using contemporary historical information we digitally remaster every reproduction to produce an enhanced image. We have endeavoured to create a reproduction as the artist would have intended his work to have been displayed at the time when it was painted.

    On inspection, I was pleasantly surprised.

    Sent rolled in a hard tube to avoid damage. Unstretched. Canvas Size: 18 x 12 inches (approx.); Image Size: 15 x 10 inches (approx.).

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    About Tidmarsh Mill
    D O R A   C A R R I N G T O N


    Tidmarsh Mill sits on the River Pang. The first record of the mill is from the thirteenth century, when the mill's overlord was the Abbot of Reading, but it may date back to Roman times. The building was still being used to mill flour in the 1920s. The house attached to the mill dates from the sixteenth century. From 1917 to 1924, it was the home of artist Dora Carrington (1893-1932) and author Lytton Strachey (1880-1932). In 1995, a film called Carrington was made about Dora's relationship with Strachey, starring Emma Thompson in the title role. Although many of the film's scenes were set at the mill, the house was not used in the production.

    It was recently on the market for sale for just under 2 million. Unfortunately, a bit out of my league. Have to sale a few of these prints before I can put my bid in!! And then some.

    But it does look beautiful.

    Tidmarsh Mill is probaly her best known painting. It is the back of Mill House.

    It was in December of 1917 that Lytton left Belsize Park Gardens and set up home with Dora in the small Berkshire village of Tidmarsh. The place was rented by Lytton, Oliver Strachey, Harry Norton, Saxon Sydney Turner and Maynard. Dora supervised the decoration and furnishing as well as maaging the domestic side of life.

    Though her artistic output during these years was surprisingly good considering her domestic duties, it could of been higher. It is a cause of frustrating with admirers of her work that there isn't more of it and these young years in her life could have seen so much more from her if she had concentrated 100% on the work.

    Partly as a result of this, she remains one of the most underrated artists of all time. Not to everyone though. No less a figure than Andre Derain had seen and admired one of Dora Carrington's works.

    She began to move into Mill House on 17th November 1917. It was whilst living at Mill House in December 1918 that she learnt of the death of her father, Samuel Carrington, at the age of 82, in Cheltenham where her parents had moved to.

    The original piece was done in oil like most of her other paintings. Painted in 1918,

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    Within the UK, you should receive your print within 5 working days. Probaly a bit quicker than that but to be on the safe side I put that estimate. So if you order on Monday you should receive it by Friday. And that includes all methods of payment listed below. Probaly one of the few places left who still take cheques!

    Outside the UK obviously takes a bit longer but currently (2016) they arrive on average within 10 - 20 working days from receipt of order. Usually quicker but again to be on the safe side I give this length of time.

    So wherever you order from you won't have long to wait to receive your beautiful canvas.

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    Dora Carrington Tidmarsh Mill Print

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    2016: Sold Out. Dora Carrington canvas prints @ (direct link to prints)

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    D O R A   C A R R I N G T O N

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    About Tidmarsh Mill

    Canvas Print Delivery Times

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    Ham Spray House, nr. Hungerford, Wilts, 1932


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