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        Series 2
        D V D

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        Official Release

        Running Time - 7 hrs 48
        Certificate - 15
        Number of Discs - 3
        Subtitles - Yes

        Dennis Waterman, James Bolam, Amanda Redman, Alun Armstrong, Susan Jameson, Anthony Calf Jenny Agutter, Anita Dobson, Anthony Calf, Nicholas Jones, Keith Barron, Keith Allen, Navin Chowdhry, Lisa Faulkner, Honor Blackman & Jane Asher Paul Seed, Jamie Payne & Jon East

      • This is easily the best TV series on British screens since the demise of the original Minder. It's just old fashioned (and in this context 'old fashioned' is as good as good gets) entertainment driven on by a cast ensemble whose like you will not see again. James Bolan and Dennis Waterman are the guvenors of the small screen in the UK anyway and here they are, er, the guvernors of the small screen; Amanda Redman (who went out with Waterman way back when) is solidly competent personified; it's Alun Armstrong who is the surprise package. I mean, I knew he was a good actor but this good? Time and again it is his performance that really shines among stiff opposition.

        I can't recommend this highly enough.

      • What's wrong with detective work the old fashioned way?

        They are UCAS, a team especially assembled to reopen unsolved crimes. They might not look like a team of crack detectives - a serial divorcee with a gambling problem, a grieving widow, and an obsessive-compulsive - but once veteran coppers Lane, Standing, Halford and their bullish boss Pullman get their (false) teeth into the cold cases they heat up pretty quickly...

        With old-school detective work and a little state-of-the-art forensics, the veterans unearth a range of baffling crimes including the murder of a lawyer that 'supercop' DI Ross failed to solve; the apparently racially motivated attack on a young Asian bride; the mystery of the unidentified torso found in a wood populated by wild boars and an investigation into the murder of a bookie. Will they succeed where others have failed? Or will the burden of all the years begin to weigh down on them? After all, they all have to grow old some time.


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